Westlake Police Report 6-18-2012

Date: 6-18-12

Media Release

Weekly Blotter

Fr: Capt. Guy Turner

A 23-year-old Lorain man was arrested on June 11 at 2:50AM for 3 counts of Possessing Criminal
Tools (PCT), 3 counts of Criminal Trespass, and 1 count of Receiving Stolen Property. He and his
cousin (36-year-old Lorain man) had been prowling around businesses and vehicles in the Ranney
Pkwy. and Clemens Rd. area. The younger suspect was arrested while riding an 18spd Murray Eagle
River bike and carrying a backpack; he had neither when officers observed him walking with the other
suspect at Crocker-Clemens Rds. earlier. WPD now has warrants against the older man for Theft, PCT
X 2, Trespass X 3, and Obstructing Official Business (OOB). The PCT charges arise from 2-way radios
the duo possessed as well as a flashlight and hand tools. The OOB stems from the false statements that
the older suspect made to officers concerning his whereabouts and activities on the morning in question.

8 17in. wheels and tires were stolen off two Chevrolet trucks parked at the Pat O’Brien dealership. The
theft occurred between June 9 and the morning of June 11. No suspects.

International man of mystery Austin Powers may be needed to crack the case of the unknown computer
hacker who obtained a $2000 airline ticket from a Detroit Rd. travel agency. Perhaps it was Dr. Evil or
his henchman Mustafa who flew from Dakar in Senegal to Istanbul, Turkey on June 10. The electronic
intrusion was discovered on June 11.

On June 12, a Bay Village woman reported her debit card and $60 cash taken while shopping at the
farmers market on June 9. No illicit transactions were made by the unknown suspect(s) before the card
was cancelled.

A counterfeit $20 bill was passed at Giant Eagle at 6:05PM on June 12. Some potential leads as to the
female suspect’s identity are being followed up on.

A 50-year-old Bay Village man took a swing at the manager of a Main St. restaurant on June 13 at 8PM.
He was intoxicated and then became belligerent with security staff and fought with WPD officers in the
Promenade. He threatened to shoot several of the security and WPD officers and kicked a WPDer in
the leg. Another WPDer received scrapes to his hand in the fracas. The suspect faces Assault, Resisting
Arrest, Assault on Police Ofcr (x2), and Agg. Menacing (x4) charges.

A Salem Pkwy. home was broken into on June 14 between 9:30AM-6:44PM. Entry was gained by
breaking the glass in the garage pedestrian door. Bottles of liquor and jewelry were taken (value $640).
No suspects.

5 area men were arrested on June 15 after a 1:30AM fracas on Canterbury Rd. near Westwood Rd.
One group of males confronted another and punched-kicked-head butted the first group’s car (white
Mercedes Benz). A fight followed, and then the suspects went their separate ways. At one point, officers
were conducting investigations at this and two other locations (Chaucer Dr. and Bassett Rd.)

A 21-year-old Westlake man faces charges of Obstruction of Official Business(OOB), Criminal
Damaging, Agg. Menacing, Disorderly Conduct (not intox), and Obscene Language and Indecent Acts.
A 20-year-old Westlake man faces charges of OOB, Criminal Damaging, Agg. Menacing, Disorderly
Conduct (not intox), and Obscene Language and Indecent Acts.

A 29-year-old Westlake man faces charges of OOB and Disorderly Conduct (not intox).

A 28-yearold Westlake man faces OOB and Disorderly Conduct (not intox) charges.

A 21-year-old Westlake man was arrested for Impersonating a Police Officer, Possession of Criminal
Tools (both relate to his black Honda Pilot vehicle being illegally equipped with a siren and flashing
lights) and Carrying Various Weapons (a knife) and two counts of Aggravated Menacing.

All the OOB offenses relate to making false statements to the investigating officers; all the Criminal
Damaging charges relate to dents on the Mercedes. The Agg. Menacings all relate to threats made
during the brawl. The Disorderly Conduct charges relate to fighting in the street and the Obscene
Language charges stem from vulgarities shouted during the entire episode.

A 29-year-old Seattle WA man urinated in the hallway of the Holiday Inn on June 16 at 1:45AM in
front of several witnesses. He was located in his room and arrested for DCI and Public Indecency

A 47-year-old Parma Hts. Man was arrested after threatening to kill a doctor at St. John Medical Center
on June 16 at 8:32PM. The suspect had been visiting a patient and was upset over the patient’s course of

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