Kucinich Receives Lifetime of Service Recognition from AFL-CIO on Behalf of Working Men and Women

Kucinich photo

Columbus, Ohio  (February 1, 2013) – The Executive Director of the Ohio AFL-CIO, Tim Burga, today presented an award to Congressman Dennis Kucinich for his lifetime of service to the working people of Ohio and the nation.
Before a gathering of labor leaders from across the state of Ohio, Executive Director Burga awarded recognition to Congressman Kucinich in a special presentation.
The award was presented “to the Honorable Dennis Kucinich in recognition of a lifetime of public service on behalf of working families and those in need and for [his] commitment to world peace.”
Upon receiving the recognition Kucinich said, “I have always been grateful for my lifetime relationship with working men and women and I pledge to continue my advocacy for the workers.”
Congressman Kucinich, a former Mayor of Cleveland and Ohio State Senator, served in the United States of House of Representatives from 1997 to 2013.  He is a vocal advocate for workers, for peace and for the people.


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