Westlake Police Blotter 2-4-2013


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Date:  2-4-13                              Media Release                Fr: Capt. Guy Turner           

                                                                             Weekly Blotter

Tools were taken from a truck belonging to a Canterbury Rd. business after the lock was cut off the cargo area. The theft was discovered on Jan. 28 at 8:17AM. No suspects.

A Wyndgate Ct. woman ordered clothing valued at $230 over the Internet on Jan. 15. When it had not arrived by Jan. 28, she contacted the retailer and found that it had been left on her porch by UPS on Jan. 21. No suspects.

A 62-year-old Middleburg Hts. man was arrested for DCI on Jan. 28 at 12:38PM after being kicked out of a Sperry Rd. motel. He argued with the staff over payment and was found intoxicated nearby. Later that night, he defecated in his cell, earning himself another charge of Criminal Damaging.

A student’s cell phone was stolen from the Lee Burneson Middle School cafeteria on the evening of Jan. 28. A review of the school’s CCTV system showed another student taking it. When confronted the next day, the suspect stated that he found it. He returned the phone, was released to his parents, was suspended from school, and will be filed on in Juvenile Ct. for Petty Theft.

On Jan. 29, a Middleburg Hts. woman reported that she and 3 friends dined at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on Jan. 12. Since that time, all 4 had had their credits cards cloned; unknown suspect(s) tried to use hers in Las Vegas. The victim found out when her card was declined on Jan. 27. Her bank subsequently closed the account. On Jan. 31, two more of the victims reported the same type of credit card misuse. A second Middleburg Hts. woman’s card was used three times in the Dayton-Cincinnati area for a total of $135.A Berea woman’s card was used twice in Dayton for $299 in illicit purchases. The fourth victim has not filed a report at this writing.

A Montclair Cr. man reported receiving a notice from a debt collection company regarding delinquent ATT phone bills on Jan. 29. He purportedly owed $447 for phone service to a North Miami Beach apartment that he did not authorize. After the officer contacted the company, it agreed not to pursue the matter with the victim.

A North Ridgeville woman’s $299 cell phone was stolen on Jan. 30 at 5:54PM. She set it on the counter of a Main St. store and walked away. When she realized she did not have it a few minutes later, it was gone. No suspects.

A 56-year-old Parma man tried to get Rx medications at St. John Medical Center by giving false info on Jan. 30 at 9:32PM. When none was provided, he became aggressive with a staff member, shouting offensive remarks and then throwing his boots at her. He was arrested for Disorderly Conduct Persisting. During the night, he defecated on his bunk and mattress; a new charge of Criminal Damage was added.

Must have been prisoner poop week.

A Yorktown, IN man offered to pay for a 45-year-old Shelby Township, MI woman’s drink at the Holiday Inn bar on Jan. 30 at 11:02PM. The woman took the man’s debit card when he stepped away from the bar and refused to return it. The hotel’s security guard asked to check her purse and got it back. The woman was intoxicated and was arrested for DCI and Theft. She also struggled against being handcuffed and would not walk to the cruiser; a charge of Resisting Arrest was added.

Some data from the 48 hour cold snap beginning Feb. 1 at 4AM:  15 disabled vehicles and 8 spinouts were assisted.


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