The Nurses Mission: Honoring Values in the Face of Change

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by James V. Guliano, MSN, RN-BC
Vice President, Patient Care Services
St. John Medical Center
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It has often been stated that these are unpredictable times and that the only thing that is constant is change itself.  While that may be true in many aspects of our lives today, when it comes to the provision of healthcare, we often find ourselves seeking stability.

Nursing at St. John Medical Center provides such constant focus upon what we believe in, what we feel is important to the patients and families that we serve, and that which we hold to be sacred, namely, our mission.


Our mission is the basis for the work that we do, the care that we provide, the knowledge we possess, and the decisions we make each and every day.

When it seems as though so many aspects of healthcare are in the state of fluctuation, the last thing a person wants to have to adapt to is the care and service with which they have become accustomed to receiving.

While nursing at St. John Medical Center readily responds to advances in healthcare, we continue to uphold our basic core values in responding to these advances.  These include compassion, justice, respect, collaboration, and courage.  With so many changes upon us this past year, we embraced them and were supported by our shared mission in order to better serve our patients.

We hold our care giving role as a privilege and a ministry.  It is based upon a strong foundation of clinical practice, continuing professional education activities, and a relentless focus upon high quality and patient safety.

Nurses were actively a part of the design phase of the master facilities improvements being completed on our campus.  Because nurses practice at the bedside, they were able to bring the patient and family perspective to the design of these improved areas, resulting in several new areas.  These have been officially opened with our traditional blessing.

Nurses were integral in designing the flow of our recently launched electronic medical record.  Working in design and implementation phases, we have provided a smooth transition for quality documentation reflective of the exceptional care provided at St. John Medical Center.

Nurses have continually sought out opportunities to increase their educational foundation.  Most recently, a notable increase in the number of staff nurses who chose to attain board certification in their area of practice occurred.  This is significant in that certification validates one’s commitment to a body of expanding and ever changing knowledge and is based upon clinical evidence for various populations and patient needs.  Nurses have been instrumental in maintaining a quality of care that is evident by our clinical outcomes.

Truly, the mission of our medical center has been our constant in the face of ever changing healthcare times.  That same constancy is reflected in the care that can be relied upon by our community.

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, we are mindful of the diverse group of healthcare professionals that are committed to excellence in patient care.

And, while the challenges of our times may impact us, we celebrate the constant attention to the same core values that we base our ministry upon.

To our patients and their families, these values hold a special meaning, because they are that which is familiar, not another change to which to adapt.  That source of constancy is a comfort to those we serve and we are proud to provide such care.


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