Westlake Police Blotter May 6

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A Hilliard Blvd. man’s green 21spd $359 Trek bike was taken from his open garage on April 29 between 7:45AM-5:45PM. No suspects.

Two cars were broken into at the Rec. Center on April 29 between 6:10PM and 9PM. Credit cards were taken from each and used illicitly at 3 Fairview Park and  1 Elyria stores for at least $2700 worth of purchases. Rec. Center surveillance video shows a light-colored minivan park next to one of the victim vehicles; a person gets out, stands by the victim vehicle, then gets back in and leaves. A pair of black female suspects was recorded using the cards later at two of the stores in question; the investigation continues.

A Bay Village’s man 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee was stolen from the Sperry Dr. RTA lot on April 30 between 8AM-4PM. No suspects; RTA PD was advised.

2 Rocky River girls (16 and 17 years old) were arrested for Petty Theft after they took a total of $271 in clothing from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store without paying on May 1 at 6:50PM. They were turned over to one girl’s mom at the scene and will be referred to Juvenile Ct.

An AR staying at a Clemens Rd. hotel found his room door open at 7:07PM on May 1. A camera, Ipad, and accessories were missing (total value $2100). No suspects.

A $1300 fork-mounted lifting hook (piece of construction equipment) was stolen from a Center Ridge Rd. job site sometime April 29-May 2. No suspects.

$1000 worth of hand and power tools went missing from a Clemens Rd. building in the two weeks prior to May 2. They belonged to a contractor who thought they had been picked up previously. No suspects.

A 31-year-old male housepainter from Parma Hts. was arrested for Burglary on May 2 at 1:14PM. The Tricia Dr. resident having his home painted noticed things out of place and that the suspect had been acting suspiciously. Foreign and US collectible coins were recovered from his person. He also had active warrants from Rocky River PD and the Lorain Co Sheriff.

Two juveniles were seen opening car doors at the Sperry Dr. RTA lot on May 2 at 6:17PM. 2 13-year-old Bay Village boys were arrested for trespass and turned over to their parents. RTA PD was also notified.


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