Daddy’s Home! Day of Joy for Westlake Family

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It was a day of joy for Westlake Police Patrolman Jason Dancy, wife Jill and their children, Nate, Jackson and Ryan last Friday at the Westlake Police Department on Hilliard Blvd. in Westlake.

After an 8-month deployment to Afghanistan as an Ohio National Guard Captain, Dancy returned home to the surprise of his children amidst a group of Superheros on the lawn in front of the station.


Dancy’s wife, Jill, had teamed up with Brandy Bright of Unite This City ( to surprise Dancy’s three sons with the Superhero Reunion.

The kids were told they were going to meet Superheroes at the Westlake Police Dept. at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 11. The ploy worked perfectly as Dancy’s sons had been told their dad was off on special assignment with the Superheros for the past 8 months anyway.


Joy swept across the faces of Nate, Jackson and Ryan as they began to recognize their dad in the group that included Captain America, the Incredible Hulk and other favorites.

Hugs, smiles and tears followed as the reunion proved to a be a huge success.

When little Nate was asked who his favorite Superhero is, he answered immediately: “Daddy!”

Ptlm.Dancy will return to  duties with Westlake Police Dept. on Nov. 1.

(Photo Credits:  WPD Master Evidence Technician Matt Porras).


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