Traffic Alert: Changes for Westlake’s Crocker/Clemens Area

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A number of changes will be coming to the Westlake  Crocker-Clemens Roads  intersection area in the next two weeks.

New streets with new signals: Hospice Way (runs west from Crocker to Clemens); Koyo Dr. (runs east from Crocker to Bassett Rd.).

Left turns from eastbound and westbound Clemens Rd. onto Crocker Rd. will be prohibited, as will left turns from southbound Crocker Rd. onto eastbound Clemens Rd.


There will be no through traffic on Clemens from east to west or west to east through Crocker. You will only be allowed to turn right from Clemens onto Crocker either direction.  


Northbound Crocker traffic may turn left, right, or go straight through the Clemens Rd.intersection.

Southbound Crocker traffic wishing to go eastbound on Clemens will use the new Koyo Dr. (runs east off of Crocker Rd.) to Bassett Rd. to Clemens Rd.

Westbound Clemens traffic wishing to go southbound on Crocker will take Bassett Rd. northbound to to the new Koyo Dr.westbound to Crocker Rd.

Eastbound Clemens traffic wishing to go northbound on Crocker will use the new Hospice Way (runs west off of Crocker Rd.) to Crocker Rd.

To get from Clemens Rd east of Crocker to Clemens Rd west of Crocker, turn right onto Crocker and left onto Hospice Way.

To get from Clemens Rd. west of Crocker to Clemens east of Crocker, use Hospice Way, turn left on Crocker, turn right onto Koyo Dr., turn right onto Bassett Rd. to Clemens.



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