Holy ‘Mutt’rimony! Dogs say ‘I Do’ in Avon Lake

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“I feel pretty.”

“I feel pretty.”

What can dogs teach us about marriage?

A lot!

Bow-wow vows were exchanged as part of a Valentine’s Day fundraiser for Love-A-Stray at Paws by the Lake in Avon Lake last Saturday.

The dogs who said ‘I do’ offered a great lesson in guidelines for a happy marriage, canine or human.

“Is it your intent to refrain from growling when a simple bark will do?” asked K-9 Minister Diane DeChant just before she sprinkled rose petal valentine’s on newly-weds Otto and Malley.

Bijou and Missy Carmichael

Bijou and Missy Carmichael

The dogs promised with wagging tails to remain loyal companions as they loosely entwined their leashes – a symbolic gesture that sealed their pledge to share their relationship the remaining seasons of their lives and to run together in all weather, fair and foul.

The dogs also promised to share their lives with many friends and litter mates, and to create new memories of a life together as they overlook personal histories.

One of the dogs, Otto, tried to run away when the rings came out. But no biggie. He is just on a tighter leash now.

The event was part of Love-A-Stray’s annual Hearts and Paws Valentine’s Party. The event featured dog weddings, kissing booths, professional photos and treats for dogs and humans. There were also rescue dogs from Love-A-Stray and Fido’s Companions. This fun event annually raises funds for Love-A-Stray and Fido’s Companions, both all volunteer pet rescue groups in the Avon area.

Check out the guests!

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