Westlake Police: Gold Medal Spin Out


Westlake Police logoMaybe it was too much Olympic figure skating. A 41-year-old Cleveland man spun out on I-90 in his sister’s car near Crocker Rd. on Feb. 8 around 12:34 a.m.. He was found to have no driver’s license and to have a butterfly knife and club in the PT Cruiser. It was towed and he was cited for No Driver’s License; he will receive a summons for Carrying Various Weapons. The car owner showed up on scene and was warned about letting her unlicensed brother drive.


Lost Purse = Lost Cash

A 25-year-old Strongsville woman forgot about her purse while at Dave and Busters on Feb. 9 at 12:18AM. When she went back for it, it was gone. It contained cash, credit cards, gift cards, school IDs, and her apt. keys. No suspects.


Hot on the Trail

A 25-year-old North Olmsted man caused much consternation when he hit a utility pole and rolled his 2008 Toyota Yaris on Columbia Rd. near Chaparral Dr. on Feb. 9 at 4:52 AM. He ran from the crash, but was tracked through the snow up to Center Ridge Rd., where he spun a fanciful yarn about his friend “Christian” (whose last name is unknown and who is an illegal alien) having been the driver. When the only set of shoeprints leaving the scene was pointed out to him, he admitted being the driver. He was found to be under the influence of alcohol and arrested for OVI. He blew a .139 on the breath test and was cited for Failure to Control.


Domestic Violence

A 22-year-old woman was slapped by her 23-year-old husband at their Westford Cr. on Feb. 9 at 8:44PM after an argument over cleaning up after their dog. He was arrested for Dom. Violence; the woman stated that he had hit her before.


Punch Drunk

A Detroit Rd. woman reported that her intoxicated 43-year-old boyfriend (of Cleveland) was refusing to leave and punched a hole in the wall of her apt. on Feb. 9 at 11:23PM. He was arrested for DCI and on warrants from WPD, Stark Co. Sheriff, and Jackson OH PD.


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