Westlake Recreation Spring Programs

Westlake Recreation Center logoSpring is right around the corner! (Hopefully) Time to get out and smell the snow flurries, I mean flowers.  The Westlake Recreation Department has a great deal to offer so get up, get out and come over to the Recreation Center.  Here are some of the programs you can enjoy.

Adult Pickle-Ball Open Gym.  Not sure what this, stop by on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-2:30 PM and see what this game is all about.  It is played like tennis, but on a smaller court and rules like Ping-Pong.  You can drop in on a daily basis to play or sign up for the entire session.

Swimming Lessons have started back up, come and dive into the warm waters of our aquatic area.  We offer swimming lessons for the very young all the way up.  Water aerobics, yep we have that as well.

Our Little Sneakers play time is for children ages up to 5.  This area offers children to run, jump, crawl, laugh and play in our gym.  We set up the equipment and you come and have fun.  A chance to have play dates in the comfort of our warm and cozy gym.

Our fitness department also has classes dealing in the martial arts.  Junior Hapkido is for kids 5-13, want a family activity, and try our Karate class on Friday nights.  Want to dance, we offer Wildfire Dance for children ages 3-18 as well as Hip Hop for Kids, (grades 3-6).  Do you want even more youth fitness classes; try our Tumble bugs program ages 4-6 OR our Junior Fit Camp for grades 5-12.  The DEN is always there for children ages 10-14.

Friday February 21st the Westlake Recreation Department will hold its annual 5th & 6th grade after hours bash.  This program is open to any student who lives in or goes to school in the city or is a member of the Recreation Center. Students arrive at 8:30 and will depart at 10:30 PM.  Pizza and a drink are provided while the kids can go swimming or play in the gym.  Members are $10 / Non Members $15.  Must register before 6:00 PM.

More information regarding all of these programs and more can be found at our website at http://www.wlrec.org or by stopping by the Recreation Center at 28955 Hilliard Blvd, call us at 440-808-5700 or by picking up our new Rec Gazette.


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