Honor Good Deeds: Teen Brings Tolerance Message to Bay Students

honor-good-deeds-logo11cFair5.jpgTeen speaker Justin Bachman, a suicide survivor and Tourette Syndrome advocate who brings a message of tolerance to local schools, appeared before 800 Bay Village students Friday.

The 16-year old appeared at Bay Middle School  to perform his program, Living Loud.

Students commented that they learned to treat others with respect and that tolerance and that acceptance starts with embracing your own differences.  Justin spent time having lunch with students and many mentioned that they would be attending Bachman’s upcoming Tolerance Fair.

A Solon High student, Justin has spoken at dozens of schools and offers an inspirational message that reaches teens in a way only a fellow teen can.

Justin Bachman, Bay Village Schools audience Justin’s story: Justin Bachman was disqualified from a school invitational cross country meet in 2010 because officials perceived he had a behavioral problem. Often, when Justin was out in public, his behavior caused people to stare.  What these people didn’t know was that Justin has Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder characterized by repetitive, stereotyped, involuntary movements, and vocalizations called tics. Aware of the intolerance that surrounded him, Justin knew he couldn’t be alone in feeling this way. He believed there were others like him, different, who must be facing the same kind of prejudice he was.

Justin Bachman, left, Bay Village Schools

Justin and his family’s nonprofit.  ‘Honor Good Deeds,’ present the Tolerance Fair on March 9th, Cleveland Convention Center from 1-5 pm. The FREE event draws hundreds of organizations and over 3,000 attendees.

More information is at www.honorgooddeeds.com #tolerancefair

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