Avon Lake Police Dept. Pit Bull Follow-up

Phone Number: 440-930-4116

RELEASE DATE: 03-17-2014

Avon Lake, Ohio, Friday, March 14th, 2014, the Avon Lake Police Department and Avon Lake Animal Warden responded to the Williamsburg Drive area after receiving multiple complaints about two dogs running at large. While on scene, it was learned that another resident had been bitten twice and was currently seeking medical treatment. As the officers and animal warden were attempting to corral the dogs, the two dogs in question ran up to a golden retriever and attacked it without provocation.
Attempts were then made to put down the two dogs in order to stop the attack. One of the attacking dogs died at the scene, and the other was taken to the Avon Lake Animal Clinic for treatment.

Both of the dogs in question had cloth collars without tags, and neither animal was chipped. The two dogs have been described by the Veterinarian as being:
• 45 pound male dog; dark brindle pit bull – possible pure breed
• 50 pound female dog; cane corso pit bull mix.

The Avon Lake Police Department has yet to locate the pit bulls’ owner. Anyone having any knowledge of who the dogs might belong to are encouraged to contact the Avon Lake Police Department at 440- 933-4567.

The resident who was bitten is currently undergoing rabies treatment, and the golden retriever “Zoey” is expected to make a full recovery.


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