Westlake Man Foils Money Order Scam

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Westlake Man Foils Money Order Scam


Westlake Police report a Westhill Blvd. man listed a mini bike for sale on craigslist. A would-be buyer mailed him a money order for $600 more than the asking price, then called and asked for the overage to be mailed back to him in the form of the seller’s check. The seller found that suspicious, had the money order examined on March 13, and found it to be fake. The victim is not out any money or the minibike


Credit Card Scam


On March 7, a Clague Rd. man’s bank called to tell him that an additional credit card on his account had been sent to a FL address. He had not requested that and so closed the account.


Mad Mom

A 34-year-old Bay Village woman went looking for her son at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on March 7 at 9:13PM. He knew he was in hot water because he was grounded, but mom became irate and would not leave when asked. She was stopped as she finally drove off and found to be driving under suspension. She was cited and her vehicle towed.


Teen Age Nightmare

A 17-year-old Westlake boy discovered the heartache associated with peeling tires in front of a police car on March 7 at 11:43PM. When pulled over on Dover Center Rd., he was also found to have been drinking. He was arrested for Underage Consumption and Peeling Tires.


ID Swiped

A Carriage Pk. Oval woman does not have a certain cable tv service at her home, nor is she interested in paying for whoever used her ID to get it in Atlanta GA. That account had gone to collections when she reported the ID theft on March 8.


Home Burgled

A Queens Anne’s Gate man returned from vacation on March 8 to find his home had been burgled. Entry was gained by breaking a window and 2 sets of silver service and cash were taken. No suspects.

A Detroit Rd. man found damage to the lock on his patio door, which he thinks was done on March 8. No entry was gained to the house.


Trees Vandalized

Some unknown Paul Bunyan wannabe cut down 7 trees and damaged another in Clague Park. City workers found the illicit logging on March 11.


Truck Borrowed?

A Lorain woman reported that her 2000 Dodge pickup had been stolen by her ex-boyfriend and left at his new lady love’s Detroit Rd. apartment. That is precisely where it was found on March 11; it was towed to the impound lot. Lorain PD is handling any potential prosecution.


Food Theft

4 cases of chicken wings (total value $128) proved  too tempting to the suspect who broke into an outdoor freezer at a Clague Rd. carryout on the night of March 12. Management suspects a former employee.


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