32 Forged Credit Cards in Crocker Park Arrest

Westlake Police logo32 Forged Credit Cards in Crocker Park Arrest

Westlake Police arrested a man at Crocker Park on March 24 who was in possession of 32 forged credit cards. The 26-year-old New York City  man wasn’t going to be arrested without a fight  at the Apple store on Crocker Park. Blvd. At 6:04 p.m., he tried to make purchases there, but another Apple store had warned staff here that this suspect had bought items with counterfeit credit cards. After struggling with the officer and Crocker Park security personnel, and  being warned that he would be tasered unless he gave up, brought the suspect’s brawling to a swift end. He is charged with 32 counts of Possession of Criminal Tools (the number of forged credit cards he had on his person), Assaulting a Police Officer, Resisting Arrest, and Obstructing Official Business. One of the cards had the account info of a Columbus woman who had just been contacted by her bank about the misuse of her card at the Westlake Apple store. The officer received a small laceration on his cheek and was treated at the scene by WFD.


All the Wrong Moves

Nothing says OVI like backing into a police cruiser at a traffic signal on Detroit Rd. That’s what a 54-year-old Westlake man learned the hard way at 2:44 a.m. on March 29. There was minimal damage to both vehicles. Handing the officer a credit card instead of your license also suggests some level of impairment. He was also cited for speed, BAC (.173 on the breath test), and Improper Backing.



A 48-year-old Rocky River man “befriended” a Westlake man who has a neurodevelopmental disorder on March 12 and persuaded the Westlake man to “loan” him cash and the use of his credit card. The Rocky River man got another cash “loan” on March 14. The victim’s parent got wind of the matter on March 22 and reported it to WPD. The suspect was arrested on March 24 and was charged with Theft by Deception. After bonding out, the suspect tried to contact the victim again on March 25 and was warned off by WPD.


Love Stinks

A 17-yr-old Dover Center Rd. boy just cannot take the hint about coming around a neighbor girl’s home. He was found there again on March 26 at 3:04PM, despite being warned to stay away (in the presence of WPD officers) on Jan. 29. He was arrested for Criminal Trespass and turned over to his parents.


Would You Hire this Man?

An intoxicated 20-year-old Detroit Rd. man annoyed his apartment building neighbors on March 28 with his 3:41AM amplified music and video games. He became hostile with officers and shouted vulgarities in the hallway even after his girlfriend tried to get him back into their apartment. When placed under arrest for DCI, he resisted being handcuffed, then asked for a job with WPD while being transported to the jail. He is also charged with Resisting Arrest.


More Crocker Park Fakery

A male suspect tried to use phony ID and forged credit cards to buy IPads and Iphones at the Crocker Pk. Blvd. Apple store on March 29 at 10:30AM. The MD driver’s license he presented to a clerk was an obvious fake; the suspect was actually a 19-year-old MI man, who also possessed credit cards in the names of three other people. He was arrested for RSP and Forgery.


IRS Fraud

On March 28, two Westlake residents reported being notified by the IRS that phony returns had been filed by unknown suspect(s) using the residents’ names and social security numbers. The IRS will handle the investigations.



A 33-year-old Westlake man’s 2:56AM visit to a stranger’s Seneca Dr. home was not well received on March 23, what with the staggering around and falling down behaviors. He was arrested for DCI.



2 laptops valued at $500 each were noted to be missing from the Lutheran Home on March 26. An IP address where they were last used was located and the investigation continues.

Tools and a gift card were taken from the unlocked toolboxes on a Bobby Ln. man’s Chevrolet pickup truck on the night of March 27.  Sunglasses worth $190 were taken from an unlocked Lincoln navigator parked nearby on Westford Cr. that same night.  No suspects in either case.


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