Ridgeville Girls Scouts Make a Difference for Cancer Patients

North Ridgeville girl scouts Rachel Stoll and Kelly Prososki are making a difference in the lives of cancer patients.

The girls, both 9th grade honor roll students, made a special trip to the Moll Pavilion within the Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center at Fairview Hospital to deliver hand-crafted fleece blankets along with a cash contribution to support The Caring Continues fund.

The fund assists cancer patients and families with personal bills and also offers much-needed emotional support.

Rachel and Kelly have been working on the project since they were in 7th grade. The project will earn their Silver Award. It resonates more deeply as Rachel’s dad, Mark, is a former cancer patient at the Moll Center. He has been cancer free for three years.

“We have been wanting to raise funds for the Caring Continues because we know how many people it truly helps out,” said Rachel. The $230 the girls collected will go directly to help patients with personal bills, while the blankets will bring comfort to those in treatment.

“This money goes to help families pay for things like groceries, gas, utility bills,” said social worker Debbie Adams. “It makes such a difference at a time many of our patients are unable to work.”

Scouts since they were kindergarteners, Rachel and Kelly hope the impact of the cuddly fleece blankets will be a comfort to children. The blankets take about five hours each to make.

“Maybe a little boy or girl who has leukemia will be able to find some security in them during those times they may feel afraid,” said Kelly. “Maybe they will be able to reach out and find some comfort in them when they need it.”

“This means so much to everyone in this program.” said Susan Dunson, Vice President Oncology. “It tells the patients that there are people out here who really care.”

“There also might be a mother or grandmother here who will be able to take one of these blankets home for a child so they will have something to give or share during their time of treatment,” said Barbara Thoman, BSN, RN, OCN, Clinical Nurse Manager. “It brings a spiritual element to care.”

“It is all about treating the patient and their family holistically,” said Dunson. “Plus, we really love the Girl Scouts! We can’t thank them enough!”

To make a contribution to the Caring Continues Fund, please contact the Community West Foundation at (216) 476-7060 or visit www.communitywestfoundation.org


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