Westlake Latin Club Takes Honors

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At the 2014 Ohio Junior Classical League Convention in Columbus, the Westlake High School Latin Club brought home a series of awards for academic contests, artistic competitions, games and colloquia on different classical subjects.

Katerina Packis took several first-place awards, along with the Best of Show award:

·         “The Seer” ink drawing

·         “Roman Street” mixed media

·         “Pandora” oil and acrylic

·         “King Midas and the Golden Apple” pencil drawing

The Latin Club, as a whole, received a Superior Gold Medal for service projects completed throughout the year, including Halloween Fun Night, help with the Westlake Junior Women’s Club Foundation’s’ Basket of Treasurers event and work with Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The club’s banner also earned a Superior Gold Medal.

Other awards included:

·         John Wittenberg earned a 2nd place with a traditional photo of a Roman aqueduct in France

·         Madi Mansour earned a 2nd place in computer enhanced photography

·         Alan Garber earned a 2nd place for Latin recitation, 3rd place in roman history, 6th place on Derivatives and 8th place in vocabulary

·         Kenan Dinchman earned a 2nd place for his handmade game “Storm of Gods” and 6th place for his Arch of Titus sculpture

·         Bradley Katcher earned a 3rd place overall in Latin recitation, 4th place in dramatic interpretation, 3rd place in Roman literature and 9th place in Derivatives

·         Vishal Shah earned a 4th place in Latin recitation, 9th place in Latin grammar and 9th place in mythology

·         Katie Liggett earned a 4th place in Latin recitation and 9th place  in Derivatives

·         Kaylee Carson earned a 4th place for a pencil drawing of “The Nymph’s Hand” and 7th place for an ink drawing of the portrait of Echo, a nymph in classical mythology

·         Melissa Alverez earned a 5th place for mixed media of “Persephone and the Pomegranate” and 8th place overall in mythology

·         Anthony Li earned 5th place for his mosaic of the classical women entitled “Siren,” 7th place for an oil and acrylic rendition of a Greek Hoplite and 9th place in Roman history

·         Eleni Packis earned a 6th place in reading comprehension

·         Mallory Farabough earned 6th place for her ceramic sculpture “Poseidon’s throne,” 7th place for her illustration quotation and 7th place for her mosaic “Caduceus”

·         Emma Steinmann earned 6th place in reading comprehension and 9th place for her illustrated children’s book of “The Odyssey”

·         Adeline Steffen earned 7th place in Roman literature and 9th place in pencil drawing for “Lotus Flower”

·         Amy Cusick earned 8th place in Roman literature

·         Annie Hoelscher earned 8th place for her ceramic pottery depicture the creation goddess Gaia

·         Michelle Adamczyk earned 8th place for her illustrated classical quotation “Arachne,” 8th place for a drawn map of the provinces of Rome, 9th place in colored pencil drawing for “Eyes of Cassandra,” and 9th place for her “Chimera” doll

·         Kent Dinchman earned 10th place overall in Roman history

·         Evan Leonard earned 10th place in computer photography for “The Reflection of Rome”


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