Westlake Police: Lights Out Thanks to Amateur Lumberjack

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Amateur lumberjacking by a Columbia Rd. man turned out badly for his neighbor on April 27, report Westlake Police. His 7:33 p.m. attempt to fell a tree in his yard went awry; it took down the electrical supply line to his neighbor’s house. CEI was notified, and the respective insurance companies will handle any repair costs.



A Bordeaux Way home was the scene of an altercation on April 28 at 3:47PM. A 45-year-old female realtor and a 47-year-old male contractor argued over the scope of work to be done. She says he hit her; he says he deflected her hand twice as she advanced on him. The prosecutor will review the matter.


Domestic Violence

A 48-year-old Center Ridge Rd. man and his 43-year-old live-in girlfriend argued over cigarettes on April 29 at 3:14AM. They agreed to leave each other alone, but the tobacco truce did not hold; officers were called back to the residence at 4:28AM. The woman had hit the male in the throat and was arrested for Dom. Violence. She has 2 prior DV convictions, making this offense a felony.


Stalker Reported

A Detroit Rd. woman reported being stalked by a 65-year-old Cleveland Hts man on April 29. He has left her a letter in a relative’s mailbox and has been hanging around her residence, knocking at the door. The Prosecutor will review the case for possible charges.

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