The Westlake Chinese Cultural Arts Association

Miranda Li

Miranda Li

The Westlake Chinese Culture Association is 27 years old.

Many young people like Miranda Li, an 8th grader at Lee Burneson in Westlake and a second-generation American, go there for lessons in Chinese language, to learn Chinese Dance, and to be part of the festivities.

As Student Council President to the WCC, Miranda recently worked to host a student Art Show at Bradley Bay Health Center.

“We decided to organize an Art Show at the Bradley Bay because we wanted to demonstrate what Chinese culture is like in the eyes of students at WCCA,” said Miranda. “As the President of the Student council at WCCA and at the Lee Burneson Middle School, I felt the need to let local community residents know more about the Chinese culture, language and art.  So, born was this Art Show.  I just think that it is a really fine way for people to get to see the art we get to do and get to know the culture itself through our artwork.”

The WCCA Inaugural Art Show had its Opening Ceremony on Saturday April 12 at the Bradley Bay Health Center. There was a great turnout. WCCA Chinese School students, Westlake Mayor Dennis M Clough,  Bay Village Mayor Debbie Sutherland, and the Westlake Board of Education President Carol Winter attended the Opening Ceremony.

“The students of the WCCA were really proud to exhibit their talent to the people of these districts,” said Miranda. “As well as showcasing their skills in the Chinese art, students also wanted to promote their language and culture. Learning about the world is very important. The Chinese language is spoken throughout about half of the world’s population.”

The Westlake Chinese Cultural Arts Association meets at Lee Burneson School in Westlake at no cost to the school district. :A few years ago, my family and I sent a petition around and collected about 100 signatures from people who agreed that the Chinese language should be listed as an alternative language for students to choose to learn,” reports Mirand. “However, when this proposal was sent to the Board, the idea was rejected. Undaunted, the WCCA has worked hard to make classes of Chinese language, culture, and art be available to whoever wants to learn about them. Hopefully, this art show  can expose more Chinese culture to the people and have them more interested in the international world.  We certainly hope that the district is more open to list the Chinese language as an elective in the Westlake schools.”

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