Diary of a Vet’s Wife

diaryofavetswife“Fascinating… A fine writer and good storyteller… Powerful story.”
– Cork Millner, author of Hollywood Be Thy Name

This true-life account of author, Nancy MacMillan’s, marriage to the love of her life, a Vietnam vet, leads to unexpected consequences as he struggles with PTSD.  Shattered by nightmares he doesn’t recall and pain he refuses to share, she becomes entangled in a web of secrets and fear.

Despite her paralyzing anxiety, her unyielding love for her warrior husband only strengthens the author’s desire to save him from self-destruction.

Nancy MacMillan resides in Southern California. This is her first book.

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A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Pets for Vets, a national organization that helps heal the emotional wounds of military
veterans by pairing them with shelter dogs.


Chris Dean

For too long PTSD was kept swept under the rug and never discussed. In this time of increasing openness, I am thrilled to see a book that discusses the Spouses’ view.

The husbands and wives of Vets are just as much strong worriors as the Vets themselves. It akes more love and courage than I could imagine to face the fear and strain placed on a relationship and family by PTSD.

This book opened my eyes to what the Moms were whispering about all those years ago.

I am thankful I ofund this book, and thankful Nancy gave a voice to private wars that were fought after the War was over.

I can’t recomend this book enough to anyone who would like a better understanding of how the affects of War never end.

Christina B.

Loving, and living with my own Veteran suffering from PTSD, I laughed & cried at so many of the antics and comments because they were exactly the same, just caused from different wars. Being able to connect with Nancy on so many levels made this memoir an absolute pleasure to read.

Don’t forget that a portion of the proceeds of this book goes to Pets for Vets!

Amanda Holland
K. Ceepo
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