Bay Dedicates Blue Star Memorial Marker

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The Bay Village Garden Club celebrated Memorial Day in a special way as a Blue Star Memorial Marker donated by the Club was unveiled along Cahoon Road next to the Rose Garden.

Judy Minium, Bay Village Garden Club President, said the marker uniquely honors World War II service men and women. She said its placement next to the Rose Garden is a fitting addition to Bay Village’s commitment to tradition, legacy and community. “We think this Blue Star Memorial marker is a great way for us to honor World War II veterans while bringing a historical piece to the city. And we couldn’t be happier with the location the city has placed it. The whole garden looks just great!”

The Blue Star Memorial program was started in 1944, while the Bay Village Garden Club was established in 1935 – “The year I was born!” laughed Judy at Memorial Day proceedings Monday.

The National Council of Garden Clubs formally adopted the Blue Star program after World War II and established a highway system in which memorial markers are strategically placed at national cemeteries, parks, veteran’s facilities and community gardens. During WWII, the “Blue Star” icon was originally stitched on flags and featured on banners to symbolize those families who had a son or daughter away at war.