Westlake’s Holly Lane Service Club Supports Connecting for Kids

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Students from the Holly Lane Service Club have been able to pair the latest fashion and crafting craze among kids, Rainbow Loom® bracelets, with a great cause.  The Club recently donated the $122 it earned by selling “Bracelets 4 Autism” to local nonprofit Connecting for Kids.

The popular blue and white bracelets were sold to Holly Lane students during April which is Autism Awareness Month.  Club member, McKenna Riley, who has a sibling with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), came up with the idea that was voted on and eagerly undertaken by the group.  The students both made and sold the “Bracelets 4 Autism” themselves.

“We have some pretty amazing students in Westlake doing some really amazing things,” said Colleen Mudore, Holly Lane Service Club Coordinator.  “Our job as teachers and coordinators is to help our students make their dreams of helping others a reality.  I think one of our Service Club students said it best when she said, “teachers just need to inspire us” and then the kids take over and do the rest.”

In addition to suggesting the project, Riley recommended that the money raised be donated to Connecting for Kids, an organization that provides education and support for families with questions or concerns about their child’s development.  Riley’s family has benefitted from the many speakers, events and programs that Connecting for Kids offers in the community.

Riley’s mom serves on the Connecting for Kids Board.  “McKenna approached me about donating the bracelet proceeds to Connecting for Kids because she knew how much the organization has done for our entire family,” said Kim Riley.  “My husband and I have attended parent discussion groups and speaker series; my son attends the ‘Teach me to Play’ and music therapy classes; and we even receive free, safe childcare for our other children while we attend all this programming.”

“These students are showing amazing leadership and our organization is so happy to accept this donation,” said Sarah Rintamaki, Executive Director of Connecting for Kids.  “We will use the money to buy more toys and games for our childcare room where children play while their parents learn about ways to help them.”

Connecting for Kids targets families with children from birth to twelve years of age who have some concern about their child’s development (including behavioral concerns).  We are serving all children; including both children with and without a formal diagnosis such as ADHD or an autism spectrum disorder.  We also offer programs for children who may be described as shy, anxious, impulsive or quick to anger.  We serve all areas of child development whether it is physical, emotional, communication, adaptive or cognitive.  We are focused on the west side of Cuyahoga County and the east side of Lorain County.

For more details on Connecting for Kids or its events, visit www.connectingforkids.org, 440-250-5563 or info@connectingforkids.org.


Connecting for Kids: “For families with questions and concerns about childhood development.”

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