Bay Police Assist in Westlake Turmoil

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Four intoxicated wedding guests threw room furnishings and beer cans/bottles out the fourth floor window of their Detroit Rd. hotel room on June 15 at 3:52AM, report Westlake Police.. Bay Village PD sent 2 officers to assist with the arrests of a 24-year-old Lakewood man, 25-year-old Vermillion man, 24-year-old Millersburg man, and a 24-year-old Dennison man, all for DCI and Criminal Damaging. In addition to trashing the room, vehicles parked below were also damaged. They belonged to a VA man and a hotel employee.


Vandals Strike

Unknown suspect(s) damaged a controller for the irrigation system at Meadowood Golf course on the night of June 11. It was knocked off its base.


IIlegal Charge

Some unknown Englishman charged $1325 worth of merchandise to a Bassett Rd. woman’s credit card account and had it shipped to Great Britain. She reported the incident on June 12.


Bad Bill

A counterfeit $50 bill was passed at a Viking Pkwy business on June 13 at 1:06PM. The woman who passed it reported receiving it from an ATM in Mentor. It has been forwarded to the Secret Service.


IRS Fraud

An Orchard Way man was contacted by the Ohio Dept. of Taxation about his 2013 tax return on June 14. Since he has an extension to file his state return until Oct., he reported this to WPD. The state of Ohio will handle the matter.


Drunk Out Tonight

Underage drinkers made too much noise on June 15 at 2:26AM, resulting in a noise complaint. The 20-year-old male host of the Carousel Ct. beer blast was summonsed for Underage Consumption and keg law.  Summonses for Underage Consumption were issued to an 18-year-old Strongsville man, 18-year-old Avon Lake man, 19-year-old Olmsted Township woman, 19-year-old Avon Lake woman, and an 18-year-old Olmsted Township woman. A 17-year-old Avon Lake boy will face Possession of Marijuana, Drug Paraphernalia and Curfew in Juv. Court. Underage Consumption and Curfew charges also await 17-year-old Norwalk and Westlake girls. A 16-year-old Strongsville boy faces a Curfew charge.



A male wearing jeans, a blue jacket and carrying a light colored backpack was spotted rummaging through an unlocked 1997 Honda in a Wakefield Ln. driveway at 3:20AM on June 15. He ran off with a GPS unit when spotted; the owner found the stolen item later that day near the Rec. Center.


Car Damaged

A 2008 Pontiac G6 had the hood scraped with an unknown abrasive sometime on June 15 or 16 while it was parked at the owner’s Cedarwood Dr. residence. She suspects a friend of her soon to be departed roommate.


Money Transfer

An employee of a Detroit Rd. firm reported an unauthorized phone transfer of $5100 occurred on June 9, but was not discovered until June 16. The suspect masqueraded as an employee; the investigation continues.


Petty Theft

A Detroit Rd. business reported on June 17 that an employee has been dipping into the till since May, taking at least $220. A Petty Theft warrant was obtained for the suspect, who will not be returning to this job.


Car Break In

A laptop and wallet were stolen from a 2014 Toyota station wagon around 3:45am on June 18, while it was parked in a Belmont Dr. driveway. The window was smashed out and the alarm sounded; the owner did not check the vehicle at that time. No suspects.


Car Theft

A 2010 Audi A5 was stolen from a Clubside Dr. home on the night of June 17; the keys had been left in it. No suspects.

A $200 GPS unit was taken from an unlocked 2012 Hyundai on the night of June 17 while it was parked in a Melrose Dr. driveway. No suspects.



Holes were punched in a city street sign by unknown means on Westwood Rd. at an unknown date/time. The damage was discovered on June 19. No suspects.



An unidentified female suspect stole a $200 air mattress from a Detroit Rd. store on June 21 at 2:40PM. Staff suspects she will try to return it for cash at another location in the same chain; the other area stores were alerted to watch for her.


Car Theft

A 1992 Ford Ranger pickup was stolen from a Bassett Rd. yard sometime June 19-22; the keys were left in it. The owner suspects an ex-employee.

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