Westlake Police: Bay Woman Saved from Swindler

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Concerned staff at a Center Ridge Rd. drugstore prevented a 20-year-old Bay Village woman from being swindled on July 22, report Westlake Police. She had received phone calls purportedly from the IRS and BMV (both male and female callers with Middle Eastern accents) demanding that she wire $4500 to them or have her driver’s license and credit cards cancelled. An alert clerk recognized what was going on and informed the would-be victim.

Dine & Dash at Crocker Park

A 22-year-old Amherst man reversed the old dine-n-dash trick on July 21 at 5:56PM. Instead of eating a meal and fleeing the restaurant without paying, he stole a $110 pair of sunglasses from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store, then sat down to enjoy a meal on the patio of the eatery across the street. He was arrested for Petty Theft; the sunglasses were recovered.

Stolen Sign

The sign for the Bradley Rd. Nature Park was stolen sometime prior to8:38AM on July 21, when a passing patrolman noticed it missing. It was valued at $160; no suspects.

Bar Fight

A 38-year-old North Olmsted man and a 25-year-old Lakewood man got into a scrap at a Center Ridge Rd. bar on July 22 at 3:13AM over perceived slights to a female employee. Both were intoxicated and arrested for DCI. A door was also damaged during the fisticuffs; the owner repaired it and did not wish to pursue charges.

Bra Heist at Crocker Park

21 bras valued at $1250 were stolen from a Main St. store on July 22 at 1:20PM. 4 unknown black females are suspected of taking them.

Cell Phone Swiped

An employee’s $600 cell phone was stolen from Petersen Pool on July 22 at 7:45PM. CCTV shows a male taking it from behind the counter. Staff will make a copy of the footage for WPD to investigate further.

Woman Hurt by Hitting Car

A Crocker Rd. crash on July 24 at 8:44PM sent an 18-year-old Avon woman to the hospital with an unusual injury. She kicked her car after the collision, hurting herself. She was also cited for Failing to Maintain an Assured Clear Distance.

Window Down Leads to Theft

An Elyria woman’s purse was taken out of her 1997 Chevrolet Blazer on the evening of July 24 while she cleaned a Center Ridge Rd. office building; a window had been left down. It contained credit cards and checks; all accounts were closed before any illicit purchases were made.

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