Westlake Medical Office Robbed of $50 Grand

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A Detroit Rd. medical practice found that a $50,000 check written to a vendor had been altered and paid to an individual in NYC sometime in early July, report Westlake Police. The theft was reported on July 10.

Right in the McNuggets!

A 45-year-old Rose Rd. woman was arrested for Dom. Violence after she and her 47-year-old live-in boyfriend argued on July 10 over who ate all the chicken. She punched him in the face and squeezed his genitals very hard.

Neighborhood Robbed

A Laura Ln. resident discovered that her home had been entered around 6:10AM on July 11 through an unlocked window. A TV, laptop, and Iphone were taken. A number of cars nearby on Chaucer and Melibee Drs. were also found to have been entered; items such as a purse, GPS, and earbuds were taken.

A 2012 Hyundai Elantra was also stolen from Melibee Dr. in the same time frame as the above offenses. It was recovered on Sackett Ave. in Cleveland later that morning and a passenger (18-year-old Cleveland woman) was arrested for RSP. A male suspect ran from WPD and Cleveland PD officers and got away; he has been identified as a 20-year-old Clevelander. A warrant charging him with RSP has been issued by RRMC.

Road Rage

A July 11 road rage incident resulted in a 13-year-old Kirtland girl being hit in the face by a can of pop. The can was thrown by the female driver of the other vehicle (a black pickup) at the intersection of Crocker and Center Ridge Rds. around 1:50PM. No suspects.


A 21-year-old North Olmsted man made a nuisance of himself at a Center Ridge Rd bar on July 11 at 11:52PM. He threatened staff and patrons and was kicked out. He was found nearby and arrested for DCI.

Napper Nabbed

A Center Ridge Rd. restaurant reported that a female patron (41-years-old of Westlake) was nodding off on July 14 at 1:05PM. She was found to be intoxicated and arrested for DCI.

Package Heisted

A recently delivered package was stolen off the porch of a Woodpath Tr. home on July 14 around 1:20PM. A blue truck with scrap metal in the bed pulled into the driveway; a white male (5’10’, med. build, red, curly hair) exited the passenger side and ran up on the porch. The vehicle then left eastbound. It is unknown what the package held.


A 15-year-old Westlake boy faces vehicle trespass charges after he was seen rummaging through a Westown Blvd. man’s car on July 14 at 5:48PM. When confronted by the investigating officer, he admitted that he was looking for money and then cussed out his guardian.

Credit Card Scammed

A Parma man found a myriad of illicit charges on his credit card on July 15, after he had used it to run a July 12 tab at a Center Ridge Rd. bar. It was used at restaurants, drug stores, and apparel shops on July 14-15 in Greater Cleveland. His bank notified him of the unusual purchases; no costs were provided to him.

Home Invaded

A pet sitter found people inside a Sherwood Dr. home on July 16 at 11:04AM and called the homeowner, who called police. They turned out to be the homeless 26-year-old son of the owner (who is not allowed to be there) and a 21-year-old Westlake woman who is pregnant by the homeless son. The male had taken his mom’s 2006 Infinity for a joyride the night before and was carrying a knife. He was arrested for Carrying Various Weapons, Criminal Trespass, and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle. The female had a hypo in her purse and so faces Criminal Trespass and Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments.

Cell Phone Traced        

A Westlake woman’s cell phone was taken from her son’s Detroit Rd. workplace on July 14. She tracked it to a Cleveland address and retrieved it with help from Cleveland PD. It had been given to the resident there by a 17-year-old female coworker of the victim’s son. Petty Theft charges against that juvenile female are forthcoming.

Crocker Park Robbery

15 pairs of pants worth apprx. $600 were taken from a Main St. store on July 15 at 8:39PM. The two suspects were confronted by store staff and relinquished a few pair, then fled in a Mercury Sable. The license plate was provided to WPD by a witness, the investigation continues.

Domestic Violence

A 39-year-old Westlake man was arrested for Dom. Violence after a neighbor reported screaming and a possible gunshot from a Center Ridge Rd. apartment at 9:10PM on July 16. Officers had to force entry and pulled the suspect off the 29-year-old female victim. She had facial injuries and would not tell officers what happened. She did say that he was a two-time convicted felon (various courts do show Fel. Assault, Agg. Burglary and Drug Trafficking convictions). No evidence of a gun being fired was found.

Bike Stolen

A $200 Diamondback bike belonging to a King James Pkwy. woman was taken from her condo’s common garage on the night of July 16. It is black/grey/silver/blue in color.

Debit Card Cloned

A Cleveland woman’s debit card info was cloned and used to buy gift cards in several NE OH cities, including $400 worth at a Main St. store on July 9. Suspects are two unidentified black males; the theft was reported on July 17.

Car Keyed at Crocker Park

A Westlake man’s 2014 Chrysler 300 was keyed from the front passenger door to the rear fender on the afternoon of July 17. It was parked in front of a Crocker Pk. Blvd. business; no suspects.

Sign Swiped

A “Road Closed” sign was stolen from a jobsite at the Bradley-Detroit Rds. intersection on the night of July 17. It is valued at $500; no suspects.

Parking Dispute

A parking dispute at a Detroit Rd. store left a Brooklyn woman with soda pop dripping off herself, her car and baby stroller on July 19 at 5:42PM. The victim reported that another female driver cursed her for parking too closely, then pushed her car door into the victim and splashed a cup of pop on her car, also wetting down her child and her 63-year-old father. The suspect then drove off.

B & E

A Fallen Oaks was forcibly entered on the afternoon of July 20 through a bedroom window. Jewelry was taken; no suspects.


A Remington Dr. woman’s 32-year-old ex-boyfriend and her 46-year-old father brawled on July 20 at 7:20PM. Both men claim the other started it; the younger man was treated at St. John Medical Center for broken ribs and facial bones. Both were arrested; the younger man for Assault and the elder for Felonious Assault. .