Bayites Behaving Badly in Westlake

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Westlake Police report that Bay Village residents have been behaving badly in their community.

A 22-year-old Bay Village woman (Westlake Police prisoner) tried to escape from St. John Medical Center while being treated there on July 27. She slipped out of her handcuff and tried to make a run for it. Too slow; she was caught at the ER doors by the officer and staff. That stunt will add an Escape charge to her other drug-related woes.

A 35-year-old Bay Village man fought with security staff at a Detroit Rd. store on July 29 at 8:33PM. He had tried to take a shirt without paying. The license plate of his vehicle was noted by the staffers and the shirt was also recovered. He was arrested at his home for Robbery with the assistance of Bay Village PD.

Cars Robbed

A GPS, watch, knife, and $50 cash were taken from an unlocked 2006 GMC truck on the night of July 24; it was parked in the owner’s Hilliard Blvd. driveway. A few blocks south on Hedgewood Way, a purse, wallet, and cellphone were taken from an unlocked 2013 Chrysler minivan the same night; a second vehicle at that home was rummaged through. And on Cornerstone Dr. a pair of sunglasses and coin purse containing $5 was taken from an unlocked 2006 Honda station wagon. A second car there was also gone through by the unknown suspects; nothing was stolen from it.

ID Theft

A Westchester Pkwy. woman suspects a NV woman opened a Mastercard account in 2008 using the victim’s identity. That account was closed in 2012 and the Westlake woman received a collection notice, prompting her to report the matter on July 25.

Not a Jewelry Party

$15, 000 worth of jewelry came up missing after a series of parties at a Woodmill Dr. home hosted by the homeowner’s son. The loss was reported on July 25 after the parents came home from a trip; two suspects have been identified as the investigation continues.

Missing Miscellaneous Merchandise

A Rocky River man’s 2002 Dodge minivan was stolen from a Sperry Dr. hotel on the night of July 27. It has not been recovered at this point.

An $8900 watch was taken from a most likely unlocked 2014 Acura over the July 26-27 weekend. The vehicle was parked in the owner’s Regency Pl. driveway.

Honda 250 and Kawasaki 125 motorcycles were stolen from a Woodpath Tr. Shed on the night of July 27. They appear to have been pushed away by unknown suspects after part of a fence was knocked down.

A $400 laptop and a diaper bag were taken from a Caroline Cr. woman’s 2011 Ford Fusion on the night of July 31; it was parked in her complex’s parking lot.

The new owner of a Columbia Rd. home reported the theft of items on August 3. Paint, a ladder, a vacuum and paint sprayer, and draperies are missing; she suspects the former renters.

A break-in at a Detroit Rd. store was discovered at 7:33AM on August 3. $100 was taken after a cash register was forced open; entry was gained to the business by kicking in a garage door.

Child Endangering Advised

A passer-by noticed an 8-year-old Parma boy left in a closed car at the Porter Library on Aug. 1 at 5:17PM. His father returned to the car presently and was advised that such was an unsafe practice; the city prosecutor will consider a Child Endangering charge.

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