Bay Police: Jackpot for Lottery Ticket Thief

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Jackpot! An off-duty Cleveland Police officer called Bay Village Police on Aug. 19 to report he had just witnessed a theft of lottery tickets from the Speedway gas station on Columbia Road.  A Bay police officer stopped the vehicle on Bassett Road near the railroad tracks.  The driver had the lottery tickets on his person, and Speedway confirmed they were stolen.  The 32 year-old Columbia Station resident was arrested for theft.  He will face charges at RRMC.

Lock Your Cars

A patron at Bay Pool stated that he located a juvenile male sitting in his unlocked car in the parking lot on 8-20  at 1913 hrs. He confronted the juvenile,  who stated he was looking for his mom’s credit card.  The juvenile then left the area.  Nothing was missing from the car.  BVPD reminds residents to please lock your vehicles.

Another Camper

A Bay Police officer located a car parked in Cahoon Park near the Rose Hill museum that had a 17 yoa male sleeping in it on 8-20 at 0027 hrs. After speaking to the male, it was determined he had been drinking, and then decided to sleep in his car in the park.  He was arrested for Underage Consumption of Alcohol and Park Curfew.  He will be filed on in CCJC.

Scaffolding Heisted

On 08/19/2014, at 1030 hrs, a foreman for the company doing the construction at Normandy School called BVPD to report scaffolding was missing from the project.  Police are investigating.

Credit Card Fraud

On 08/19/2014, at 1535 hrs, an East Oakland resident called to report someone had fraudulently accessed her checking account and purchased over $500 in merchandise at two stores.  Police are investigating.

Backpack Stolen

On 08/19/2014, at 1700 hrs, a 16 yoa Lakewood resident reported his backpack was stolen from the Bay Skate and Bike Park.  The backpack contained his wallet and his cell phone.  Police are investigating.

Skate Park Graffiti 

On 08/22/2014, at 0842 hrs, the service department advised BVPD that someone had spray painted graffiti in the bowl area.  Police are investigating.

Uninvited and Intoxicated

A resident in the 31000 block of Lake Rd. called BVPD on 8-22  at 1115 hrs, a to report her sister arrived at her house unannounced, and was walking around the neighborhood highly intoxicated.  They did not want her at the house, or walking around the neighborhood.  The Port Clinton resident was arrested for DCI.

Shed Break-in

On 08/23/2014, at 0815 hrs, a resident in the 24000 block of Electric called BVPD to report a chipper, edger, and air compressor had been stolen from his locked shed overnight.  Police are investigating.


On 08/24/2014, at 0126 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Lake Rd. near the Avon Lake line for a traffic violation.  After speaking with the 43 yoa female driver, the officer suspected the driver was drinking.  Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the Avon Lake resident was arrested for OVI.  She will face charges at RRMC.

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