Westlake Police: Bay Woman Requests Night in Jail

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Most people are in a hurry to bond out of jail after an OVI arrest. Not this 49-year-old Bay Village woman, who elected not to call a sober adult to come get her. Why not?

Westlake Police report she wanted to “get the full experience” and spent the night in jail after her 11:08 p.m. arrest on Aug. 29. She also refused to take a breath test and to sign her paperwork. Have it your way, ma’am.

Fight and Flight

An 18-year-old woman and 22-year-old man (brother and sister, both of Painesville) scrapped as the male drove along I-90 eastbound into Westlake from Avon at 4:48 PM on Sept. 1. They argued over the male forgetting his bathing suit and exchanged blows (her in the back seat) and then exited at Crocker Road when the female fled from the car. She sustained minor bumps and bruises, but declined medical aid. The male also smashed her cell phone there. He was arrested for Domestic Violence..

Cell Phone Fraud

A Tamarack Trail woman received a $3300 collection notice concerning a cell phone service account opened in Texas by unknown person(s) in Oct. 2012. She has another account with that provider which is in good standing. The fraud was reported on Aug. 30.

Lockers Robbed

Cash was taken from the locked lockers of 2 patrons of Red Fitness on Columbia Rd. on Aug. 29. Both male victims reported that their locks were still attached and working when they discovered the thefts after working out in the evening.

Books Swiped

A set of books worth $115 was reported stolen on Aug. 30. They were delivered on Aug. 27 to a Maple Ridge Rd. home and found to have been swiped after the owner checked on the status of the order.

Rocks Hurled

Rocks were thrown through the back window of a Primrose Ln. man’s Hyundai minivan on the night of Aug. 28 while it was parked in his driveway.


An intoxicated 42-year-old Kimberly Ln. man was arrested for DCI on Aug. 31 after a 12:09AM disturbance at his home. He made an obscene gesture to his neighbors while being questioned by officers.

Car Theft

A 2002 Toyota Tacoma was stolen from the owner’s Hilliard Blvd. driveway on the night of Aug. 30. The keys were in it. It has not been located as of Sept. 5.

Blotter Bites…..

The driver’s side mirror of a Lakewood woman’s 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt was stolen on the afternoon of Aug. 31 while it was parked in a Crocker Rd. garage. The loss is estimated at $75.00.

A 49-year-old Lakewood man wiped out on his bike on Crocker Rd. on Aug. 31 at 7:36PM. He was found to be intoxicated and arrested for DCI.

A Logan Ct. home was forcibly entered through the front door on the morning of Sept. 2. Jewelry worth a minimum of $20,000 was taken. A neighbor reported seeing an unfamiliar Jeep driving around the area and provided a license plate number from it.

The front plate from a Bradley Rd. man’s Nissan was stolen on Sept. 2 while it was parked in Cleveland. That plate turned up on a car that Parma PD had pursued after stopping it for Fictitious Plates on Sept. 3. Parma PD requested WPD take a report so that the suspect could be charged with RSP. Done.

A Parma Hts. woman set her cellphone down at a Center Ridge Rd. store on the afternoon of Sept. 3 while she tried on clothes. When she returned for it, it was gone.

A 72-year-old Avon Lake man was arrested for DCI after falling down in a Detroit Rd. parking lot. He was helped to his feet by bystanders and found to be intoxicated.

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