Robber Likes Westlake Because “That is Where the Money Is”

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Slick Willie Sutton, a famous 20th Century bank robber who spent half his life in jail and reportedly stole more than $2 million, once stated he robbed banks because “that is where the money is.”

Westlake Police ran across a lesser alleged thief last week who used the same mantra. “He stated that he steals in Westlake ‘because that’s where the money is,’” report the Westlake PD in this week’s Police Blotter.

The story unfolds with the 22-year-old Cleveland man being spotted looking into cars at the Holiday Inn on Sept. 16 at 2:03 a.m. When he was stopped as he left in a 2002 Ford Taurus, his license was found to be suspended.

Power tools taken from a nearby painting business and from a Michigan man’s Ford pickup (a guest at the Holiday Inn) were recovered in the suspect’s car. The suspect faces RSP, Possession of Criminal Tools, Criminal Trespass, and DUS charges. It is unknown if he was involved in similar recent thefts in the area.

The car’s owner is a 20-year-old Medina woman who the suspect says is his girlfriend. She faces a charge of Wrongful Entrustment, as the suspect has been stopped and cited or arrested for numerous.

As the man found out, Westlake is where the jail is, too.

Unlocked Window is Robbery Entrance

A Clark Pkwy. home’s unlocked kitchen window was the entrance used by a burglar during the day on Sept. 17. Cash, jewelry, a .38 cal revolver, knife, camera, computer hard drive, IPad, Xbox, and Rx medication were taken.

Neighbors reported two white males in a newer white Mercedes Benz were seen in the area around 10 a.m.  asking about a lost dog. They are described thusly: 1 –  mid 20’s, apprx 5’11”, thin build, brown hair, wearing grey hoodie; 2 –  mid 20’s, med build 5’6″, brown hair, wearing dark sunglasses and jeans.

Slider Shattered

An East Crossing Pkwy. man’s apartment was broken into by shattering the slider on Sept. 15 between 6:30AM and 10:30PM. $200 cash was taken.

Domestic Violence

A Westown Blvd. woman reported being punched and having her hair pulled by her 27-year-old husband on Sept. 17 at 3:14PM. The couple had argued over his missing cell phone. The suspect fled the scene; a warrant for DV has been issued.

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