Bay Police: Parachuter Worries Residents

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A man who had launched a powered parachute in Cahoon Park in Sept. 15 caused concern for witnesses in Bay. On 09/15/2014, at 1250 hrs, the Westlake Police Dept.  requested help in locating and identifying the male. Earlier, he had been seen above Westlake in a powered parachute. The male had flown low over Crocker Park and also had caused alarm within a couple of elementary schools in area. This person apparently launches from Cahoon Park in Bay Village. BVPD officer searched and reported the male had left Bay before Westlake called.

Beware of Suspicious Phone Calls

Bay Police received a report from a female  who said received a call from a phone number she did not know and spoke with someone who claimed to be a family member in need of assistance. It was not until after the Clague Rd resident had sent the $950 money gram to Emmanuel Antonio Cepano, 1338 Revolucion Avenida, Zapopan Jalisco, Mexico that she realized it was a scam. The Bay Village Police would like to remind all citizens to be very wary of unsolicited phone calls from a computer repair technician, the IRS, the police, a sick/injured/arrested family member, etc. These are all individuals looking to separate you from your money.


On 09/20/2014, at 0328 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Lake Rd near Breezewood.

After speaking with the 58 yoa male, officers suspected he was under the influence of alcohol.

Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the driver was arrested for OVI. The state of Texas resident will face charges at RRMC.


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