Bay Police Warn of Deer Encounters

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Bay Police warn that residents should not intervene with deer that appear to be distressed.

“Deer can be dangerous in certain situations, especially when they perceive your attempt to aid/assist as a  threat,”say police.

The warning comes after two deer encounters last week.

On 10/04/2014, at 0816 hrs, a resident on Tanglewood Lane reported a young deer entangled in a soccer net in a backyard. The animal was small enough officers were able to restrain it in order to cut the netting and free it.

At 0935 hrs, a resident on Saddler Road, a street near Tanglewood Lane, reported a deer entangled in a net in a backyard. This deer was larger than the previous one and physically destroyed the homemade net prior to officer’s arrival. The now-agitated deer was last seen running around the neighborhood with netting and PVC piping visibly hanging on its body/antlers. Several subsequent sightings were reported to police by residents. They were advised of the situation and also told there is nothing police can do about a healthy deer. Citizens should not try to take matters into their own hands.


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