Westlake Police: $600 Theft + $9.23 resale = Big Trouble

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What is the price of trouble? Here’s an example: An employee of a Center Ridge Road store saw a suspect steal a $600 cart from the rear of the building on Oct. 3 at 12:42 p.m. The suspect left in a red pickup. The quick-thinking officer who took the call notified a North Olmsted recycling business and – voila!  – the suspect had just left there after selling the cart for $9.23. Turns out, such transactions require an ID. The cart was returned and the 50-year-old North Olmsted man who took it was arrested for Theft that very same afternoon. That’s the price of trouble: $9.23. Worth it?

Wandering Two-Year Old

A 2-year-old Rocky River boy wandering unsupervised on Detroit Rd. drew the attention of a passing driver on Oct. 5 at 6 PM. A cousin of the wandering tyke bicycled by and called the mom, who then arrived at the scene. He had been gone for about 15-20 minutes while his family visited nearby; the City Prosecutor will consider a Child Endangering charge and County Children’s Services was notified.

Moped Vs. Car

A 23-year-old Olmsted Township man was riding his moped on Center Ridge Rd. at 9:54PM on Oct. 7. A 19-year-old North Olmsted man driving a 2004 Audi turned left and struck the moped. The older man was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. The younger man was cited for Failing to Yield while Turning Left. The moped rider’s backpack went flying and was found to contain marijuana and a scale. He will receive a summons for POM and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

CCTV Records Theft

A Detroit Rd. business was broken into at 6:45AM on Oct. 6. CCTV showed the suspect to be a 48-year-old North Olmsted man who took $260 after forcing the cash register open. He has done casual labor at that business in the past. A B&E warrant has been issued for the suspect, who is also wanted by North Olmsted and Berea PDs, as well as the Cuyahoga Co. Sheriff.

Pay Pal Theft

A King James Pkwy. man knows nothing about the bogus Pay Pal account in his name that has a $140 balance on it, plus a $25 service fee. The account was closed on Oct. 7 after the victim reported the ID theft to WPD.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

A 36-year-old Hunters Chase man passed out in his car after an argument with his girlfriend on Oct. 4 at 1:26AM. He was arrested for DCI.

2 GPS units were taken from a Hall Dr. man’s unlocked Nissan SUV on the night of Oct. 3 while it was parked in the driveway. A neighbor’s unlocked 2008 Kia and 2012 Dodge also had a GPS and cell phone charger taken.

An intoxicated 44-year-old Avon man locked himself out of the Detroit Rd. apartment he was staying in at 9:02PM on Oct. 5. He cannot go home due to a TPO and his host could not leave work to let him back in. He was arrested for DCI.

2 17-year-old Parma girls were caught stealing shoes and clothes worth $100 from a Detroit Rd. store. They were released to their parents and will appear in Juvenile Ct. on a Petty Theft charge.


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