Bay Police: Masseuse on the Loose

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Bay Police report that a Huntmere resident called on Oct. 13 to say he was the victim of a scam. The resident had contacted a masseur, advertised according to police in Scene Magazine, for a one hour massage. When the alleged masseur arrived at the victim’s house, the male demanded being paid prior to performing a massage. The victim handed over the agreed upon $150 in cash and watched as the male ran out of the house into a waiting SUV. The victim did not obtain a license plate. Police are investigating.

Pizza Fire

On 10/13/2014, at 1202 hrs, the Principal of Normandy Elementary School reported that over the weekend someone had set fire to several pizza boxes on top of a picnic table. The fire damaged the painted surface of the metal table. Police and school officials are reviewing the school’s surveillance cameras in hopes of identifying a suspect.

Tired & Homeless

On 10/14/2014, at 0203 hrs, a BVPD officer located a male sleeping on the sidewalk in front of house in the 31000 block of Lake Rd. The homeless male was walking from Cleveland to Lorain, and decided to sleep on the sidewalk for the night. The 23 yoa male was advised and sent on his way.

Party in the Park

On 10/17/2014, at 0047 hrs, a BVPD officer located an unlocked vehicle parked in Cahoon Park near the walking path. While checking on the vehicle, two 18 yoa females exited the woods. After speaking with them, both of the females admitted they had been drinking. They were also in possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. They were placed under arrest for underage consumption of alcohol and drug law violations. They will face charges at RRMC.

Lock Your Stuff

On 10/18/2014, at approximately 0701 hrs, several residents of Kenmore and Sunset reported their unlocked vehicles were entered overnight. The only item of value taken was $180.00 in cash from one of the vehicle. BVPD reminds residents to not leave valuables in their cars and to make sure the doors are locked.

Bumpy Ride

On 10/18/2014, at 2205 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Walmar at Marvis for a traffic violation and driving on two flat tires. After speaking with the 52 yoa female driver, the officer suspected the driver had been drinking. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the driver was arrested for OVI. The Avon Lake resident will face charges at RRMC.

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