Victims Named in Dover Gardens Car Crash

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Westlake Police have released the names of those injured in the car crash at Dover Gardens last night.

Those injured and the Fire Departments that assisted are:

Bay Village Fire (all transported to St. John Medical Center):

-Edmund Leese  of Bay Village,

-John Comer  of Avon Lake,

-William Winter of Westlake,

-Larry Walker  of Bay Village,
-Colin Hollows of Bay Village.
Lakewood Fire:
Chris Siebert  of Lakewood to Fairview Hospital,
Brittany Lee of Westlake to Fairview Hospital,
Daniel Bush  of Bay Village to Metro.
Rocky River Fire:
John Masterson  of Bay Village to Fairview,
Kelly Deutschendorf ) of Lakewood to Fairview,
North Olmsted Fire:
Bethany Cpasso to Fairview.
Avon Fire:
Suspect to Fairview Hospital.
Self-transported to SJMC: Marietta Bernanrding of Westlake and Devin McElhannon  of Westlake.
Conditions of these patients is not available at this time.
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