Bay Police Caution on Leaf Fires

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Bay Village Police have issued a caution on leaf fires. On 10/26/2014, at 1501 hrs, a resident on Oakmoor reported a car was on a leaf pile and everything is burning. Police and fire were dispatched. The BVPD would like to remind everyone of two things: it’s illegal to place leaves in the street and don’t park a car on top of leaves left in the street. The hot exhaust system may start a fire.

Residents Scammed

On 10/25/2014, at 1017 hrs, a Lake Rd. resident reported he was scammed on the telephone. He received what he believed to be a call from 5th/3rd Bank and eventually gave his social The BVPD asks residents to please remember… NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give out personal information on the telephone. On 10/20/2014, at 1502 hrs, a Lakeview Dr. resident contacted BVPD to report his credit card had been used fraudulently. An unknown person had charged of $800 on the card. Police are investigating.


On 10/20/2014, at 1202 hrs, a Red Oak Lane resident called BVPD to report she was being harassed on the phone and via email from a contestant in an art show she had judged. The male had even shown up at her house to complain about the way she judged his art. A BVPD officer contacted the Fairview Park resident and the issue was resolved.

Delivery Theft

On 10/25/2014, at 0907 hrs, a Lake Rd. resident reported an Amazon delivery had been stolen off of the front porch. Some of the items were returned for a store credit. Police are investigating.

Car Strikes Pole

On 10/26/2014, at 1554 hrs, a car struck a utility pole at Lake & Rye Gate. This forced the closure of Lake Road until Monday morning at 0430 hrs. BVPD is investigating the cause of the crash.

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