Westlake Police: Contractor Cleans Out Westlake Homeowner

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Westlake Police report that a Georgia Drive resident hired a Lorain contractor he found online in September to work on his house and gave him access to a key while the owner went out of town. The owner paid $5500 up front (never a good idea) and asked a friend to keep an eye on the work’s progress. On Oct. 10, the friend noticed that the key was missing. On Oct. 18, the owner returned and found clothing, appliances, electronics, and furniture gone, not to mention none of the agreed-upon work done. A warrant for Burglary has been issued for the 38-year-old Lorain contractor.

No Busts in Bra Thefts

22 bras worth $1329 were stolen from a Main Street. store on the afternoon of Oct. 17. Staff believes 2 black females (whom they also suspect in previous similar thefts) are responsible. 42 more bras were stolen there again on Oct. 18 by persons unknown; they were worth $2700.

Gas Money

A now-fired employee of a Clemens Rd. company made 21 fuel purchases with a company credit card (apprx. $3200 worth) over a two week period in September on days that he was off or for fuel that company trucks do not use. The matter was reported on Oct. 16; the employee is reportedly out of town. The investigation continues.

Candy Man

2 8-year-old boys were playing outside on Crossings Pkwy. at 1131 AM on Oct. 17 when a male offered them candy if they would get in his car. The suspect is a black male in his 50s with a thin moustache. He was driving a black Cadillac 4 door.

Credit Card Used

A Macintosh Dr. man found a package at his home on Oct. 17 that he did not order. His credit card had been used to make the purchase. The delivery service retrieved it. The delivery service then sent him a letter saying he had been signed up for a special program it offers. He contacted the service again to notify them that he did not want that program and also reported the matter to WPD.

Rejected by Juvy

A 15-year-old Cleveland boy was arrested on Oct. 17 after being spotted looking into cars in a Crocker Rd. garage. He gave a false name and DOB to officers and was found to possess clothing stolen from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store. He also had a juvenile warrant for Robbery, but the detention home would not accept him. He was released to an aunt and will be filed on in Juvenile Ct. for Petty Theft and MisID charges.

Gym Theft

$174 cash was taken from a Cleveland man’s wallet while he worked out on the afternoon of Oct. 18 at FX Fitness on Columbia Rd. He had locked his locker; the officer found damage on the padlock.

New Shoes

Someone in Miami FL is nicely shod through the illicit use of a Lincoln Rd. woman’s credit card. Her bank called her about a suspicious $175 purchase in those sunny climes and she in turn came to the police station on Oct. 19.  The account was closed.

Juvenile Assault

A day-long feud between juveniles led to a 14-year-old boy being taken to St. John Medical Center on Oct. 20 at 4:07PM. The suspects showed up at the victim’s Hedgewood Ave. home and a fight ensued. A 13-year-old Westlake boy will be filed on for Assault in Juvenile Ct.; another 13-year-old Westlake boy will face Complicity to Assault charges in Juvenile Ct.

Civis romanus sum

In 1963, President Kennedy said (quoting Cicero, in Latin) that the proudest boast in the classical world was “I am a Roman citizen”. You might have thought that an intoxicated 24-year old Marblehead man was echoing that on Oct. 23 at 9:56 PM in Westlake. He walked into a Main St. bar, knocked over the drinks of other patrons, and laid his head down on the bar. When asked by staff if he needed help, he replied “ I am an American citizen.” He gave the same reply to questions from the security staff and WPD officers.  He was arrested for DCI.

Child’s Play  

A $550 phone was stolen from a customer while in a Detroit Rd. store on Oct. 25. The owner set it down and could not find it. A small child reportedly picked it up and gave it to her mother, who did not turn it in to customer service.

Petty Theft

2 24-year old Cleveland women were arrested for Petty Theft and RSP on Oct. 25 at 4:13PM after stealing clothing from stores on Main St. and Crocker Pk. Blvd. Total value of the items taken as $480.00.

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