St. Paul Lutheran Church Honors the Unborn

Rev. Dr. David Buegler and Rev. Ronald L. Young

Rev. Dr. David Buegler and Rev. Ronald L. Young

Members of  St. Paul Lutheran Church at 27993 Detroit Road in Westlake took time on Sunday, November 9, to celebrate life and offer a reminder of the cost of abortion in the United States.

Nov. 9, 1973 is the date the Supreme Court abolished all restrictions against abortion in all 50 states. Since then, 58 million American babies have been aborted. Last year 1.04 million children were legally terminated in the womb: 23,213 abortions occurred in Ohio, 9,037 in Cuyahoga County and 544 in Lorain County according to the Center for Disease Control.

St. Paul Lutheran Church Pastor David Buegler and member Linda Potter led Sunday’s congregation in a remembrance of the unborn children who have been aborted since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

St. Paul congregation members installed 500 white abortion awareness crosses on the church front lawn as a statement against abortion. Each cross represents 100,000 American babies and their potential lives.

‘The remembrance will be up until the beginning of Advent. Our hope is that in remembering these lives, the gift of life will be treasured and those who mourn will be comforted in reconciliation with their Lord who loves them,’ said Linda Potter.

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