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An underage drinking party on Horseshoe Blvd. came to an abrupt end on Nov. 15 at 11:44 PM when a parent came home unexpectedly, report Westlake Police. Two Westlake girls (15 and 16-years old) were cited for Underage Consumption. The older girl tried to hoodwink officers by having her sister pretend to be her mom on the phone. Mom was fully apprised of the telephonic travails when her daughter was brought home. That bit of failed trickery earned the 16-year-old an Obstructing Official Business charge.

Watch Your Stuff

A purse containing credit cards was stolen from a Westlake woman’s VW Jetta on Nov. 13 between 11AM-12:30PM. while she was at the YMCA on Columbia Rd. The front passenger side window was broken out; no illicit use of the cards has been reported.

A 15-year-old Cleveland girl stole 3 pairs of shoes from a Detroit Rd. store on Nov. 14 at 3:05PM. She was detained by store security, was released to a relative and will appear in Juvenile Ct. on a Petty Theft charge.

A $250 cellphone belonging to a Madison OH man was taken from a First St. business on Nov. 15 at 11:58PM. He had set it down and forgotten about it; the phone was gone when he returned to look for it.

A package delivered to a Settlers Reserve Way address was cut open and items worth $74 were taken on the afternoon of Nov. 17. Other merchandise was left behind in the box.

A Detroit Rd. man’s identity was used by unknown suspects in GA to open credit card accounts. One attempt was rejected, the other was successful. That latter account was then overcharged in the amount of $3800 and has been closed. The matter was reported on Nov. 18.

A 2011 Toyota minivan was stolen from a Cinnamon Way driveway on the night of Nov. 19. The vehicle keys were taken out of the open garage. Cleveland PD located it unoccupied on the night of Nov. 21 and impounded it.

High School Pot Bust   

Two male students at the High School (17 and 18-years old) were found to have been smoking marijuana on Nov. 17 at 10:36AM. School staff recovered pot from both their cars and a bong from the older man’s. Both will face Possession of Marijuana charges; the older also has a Drug Paraphernalia case. Both were suspended immediately and the older man escorted off the premises.

Tracked Down

A Westlake woman found a tracking device on her car on Nov. 18 and brought it to the police department. She suspects that an estranged family member who is currently incarcerated is behind the device, as relatives of that suspect seem to follow her everywhere. The stalking investigation continues.

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