Too Cold for Criminals: Stupid Winter Crimes

North Olmsted police _patchIt must be too cold for criminals this week. Just look at what police are putting up with:

Drunk Demands to be Arrested

An officer on patrol at W. 215 and Lorain in Fairview Park was approached by a male on foot who had his arms raised above his head on Feb. 21. The male was stumbling and appeared intoxicated. When asked if he needed help, the male said he was drunk and thought the officer was after him. The man then demanded to be arrested and tried getting in the back seat of the police car. Further assessment confirmed the officer’s belief the 25 year old Fairview Park resident was intoxicated and he was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct: Intoxication. He was later turned over to a sober adult pending appearance in Rocky River Municipal Court.

Library Card Compromised

Even Library Cards aren’t safe anymore, based on a Feb. 18 report from Fairview Park Police. On that date, a W. 228 St resident reported that he lost his Cuyahoga County library card last year. He further reports that 28 books have been checked out since then using his card. Overdue fines of over $200 have now accrued on those items. Officers will be following up with the library as to locating possible video of the books being checked out.

Pantsless Man at Jersey Mikes

A man naked from the waist down caught the attention of diners at Jersey Mikes at Westgate Mall on Feb. 21. Police were called to the diner on a report of a juvenile acting strangely. Upon arrival,officers were told the male was in the restroom and he had come out several times with less and less clothing, the last time naked from the waist down. Officers found the pants-less male in a daze. He was unable to talk intelligibly and refused to put his pants on. Officers attempted to help. But he became combative, charging, striking and kicking at the officers. Due to his bizarre behavior, the paramedics were called. He had to be handcuffed to a gurney for transport to a hospital. nformation obtained while investigating suggested that both over the counter and illicit drugs may have been the cause of the incident.

He ‘Couldn’t Do That if He Was Sober’

Admitting that he ‘couldn’t stand on one foot even if he was sober’ led to the OVI arrest of a North Olmsted driver at 12:35 a.m. the morning of Feb. 23. Police had observed the car and driver in question spinning in circles on Lorain Road over snowy and slippery roads. When stopped by police, the driver said ‘he was sorry for the “doughnuts” in the road, he was just having fun.’ Sobriety tests followed, even though the man told Police he was close to home and could make it. After getting out of his car without a coat, Police asked if he wanted to get his jacket. The man said he was ‘warm-blooded’ so he was fine. Police asked him to stand on one foot while holding ‘the other about 6 inches off the ground while he counted to 30.’ The man said he could not do that ‘if he was sober.’ In all, six clues to intoxication were revealed. Police found breath alcohol of .125 per cent and a glass pipe in the car.

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