Westlake Police Blotter: Holy Week Edition

Here’s hoping that Holy Week offers an opportunity to turn some lives around.

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A 51-year-old Westlake man picked up a 20-year-old homeless woman in Cleveland on the evening of March 20 and offered her food and a hotel room in exchange for sexual favors, report Westlake Police. Once they arrived at a Clemens Rd. hotel, they argued and started driving back to Cleveland in his van; the suspect hit her five times. After refusing to stop several times, he let her out on I90 near W. 117th St. Cleveland PD found her and brought her back to Westlake, where WPD was determined to have jurisdiction. The suspect returned to the hotel around 4:15AM on March 21 and was arrested for Assault, Agg. Menacing, and Abduction.

A 32-year-old Lorain man came to his pregnant (with his child) 31-year-old girlfriend’s Clemens Rd. place of employment on March 25 at 11:25AM. They argued, he broke her cellphone; she tried to use a landline to call for help, but he disconnected the line twice. She then hit him with the handset. He was stopped nearby and stated that he woman hit him three times, and that he is the father of her other child too. He was arrested for DV and Disrupting Public Service (for disconnecting the woman’s calls), and then given stitches at St. John Medical Center.  A packet of suspected “spice” was seized from his clothing and will be tested; drug charges are pending.

A 16-year-old Westlake girl was followed from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. business to the Rec. Center and to WPD on March 21 at 3:03PM. The victim drove to the police station while the suspect (36-year-old Sheffield Lake man) was stopped on Dover Center Rd. He claimed he was aimlessly joyriding, while the victim reported that he had spoken to her twice while both were on foot; she then drove away. The City Prosecutor will rule on a possible Stalking charge.

A Cleveland woman suspects that a male coworker (whose romantic advances she rebuffed) has scratched her 2009 Kia Rondo while it was parked at their Center Ridge Rd. job. Between March 3-21, various body panels have been “keyed.”

A 36-year-old West Hedgewood Dr. woman and her 38-year-old husband argued over the care of their juvenile daughter on the morning of March 24. Father and daughter were gone when officers arrived. The female reported that the male hit her twice. The husband was contacted later and denied any violence took place. He claimed that his wife was mentally unstable; prosecutor to rule.

Twitter Alert Backfires

A party (heralded via Twitter) at a Salem Pkwy. home on March 28 at 11:23PM turned out badly for the 15-year-old female hostess. Neighbors complained about the noise and carryings-on; she was cited for keg law after numerous empty beer and liquor containers were found strewn about the home. Another 15-year-old Westlake girl had a pot pipe in her pants; she was summonsed for Drug Paraphernalia. Neither of the hostess’s parents could be contacted, so her grandmother (from Lorain) took custody of her and was shown the condition of the home, which grandma owns.

On the Fence

A 20-year-old Cleveland man was stopped for speeding on March 24 at 2:45AM on Sperry Dr., then took off onto I90 eastbound. He stopped again near Sharon Dr. and ran, but got himself caught on the freeway fence. He was under the influence and was charged with Underage Consumption, Resisting Arrest, OVI, speed, DUS, Failure to Stop When Signaled, lane use violation, disobeying traffic control device, and seatbelt.

Can Scam

A Clemens Rd. gas station reports that a regular male customer (unknown ID) has come in repeatedly to buy chewing tobacco March 9-24. He uses a credit card which is declined, then gives back an empty container or one filled with dirt and keeps the new can. Total loss is $28.00.

BOLO Leads to Stolen Car

A motorist spotted a stolen Ford pickup on I90 eastbound in Lorain Co. at 6:07PM on March 28. How did she know it was stolen from Sheffield Lake? The victim’s family posted a BOLO on their Facebook page. State Highway Patrol troopers and Avon PD officers followed it to First St. in Westlake, where WPD joined in the action. A 24-year-old Lorain man was arrested by WPD for GTA without incident. The NY owner of the truck came to the scene to recover it.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

False income tax returns: March 20 Smith Ave. couple (US); March 26 Second St. couple (US); March 27 So. Windsor Ct. couple (US);

The catalytic converter was cut off a Marview Dr. man’s 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier on the night of March 23. Loss is estimated at $400.00.

3 bum checks (worth $1570 total) drawn on a Center Ridge Rd. business’s account were cashed in MS and AZ recently. An employee reported the matter on March 26.

An intoxicated male was arrested for DCI on March 27 at 2:40AM at the former Holiday Inn on Crocker Rd. His age and identity are uncertain; he may be from a Central American country. The Border Patrol took custody of him at 1PM after he sobered up.

A Bay Village man thinks he left his wallet at a Detroit rd. gas station on March 25. A credit card was subsequently used at a Cleveland gas station to charge $38 worth of gas. He reported the theft on March 27.

A 16-year-old girl burned pages from her diary in her Stonehedge Dr. bedroom on March 29. After being caught by her parents, she kicked her mother and waved a knife at her father. He disarmed her, suffering a small cut on his thumb which did not require medical attention. She then fled the house at 1:51AM and went to a friend’s Westlake home. She was arrested there for DV and taken to the Detention Home.

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