Thank You, St. John Medical Center Volunteers

St. John Medical Center honored its many volunteers at a festive Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon hosted at Avon Oaks Country Club on April 16.

SJMC President William A. Young and Sr. Judith Ann Karam, Congregational Leader, Sisters of Charity of St. Augustine, welcomed the volunteers with enthusiasm and gratitude. “Last year, you provided an incredible 49,000 hours of service to St. John Medical Center,” said Young to the several hundred in attendance.

Special recognition went to Anthony Iezzi, PhD, who has accumulated over 13,000 hours in volunteer time. Others receiving special recognition also included Ardis Radak, 9,500 hours, Jackie Borzecki, 8,500 hours, Gertrude McDonald, 7,500 hours, Clarence Coder, 6,500 hours and Mary Cain and Carol Riodan with 6,000 hours.

A highlight came when volunteer Chet Roberts asked Mr. Young and other members of the SJMC administration to stand for a round of applause. “As volunteers, we want to thank you for creating a hospital of excellence that makes it an honor for us to serve here. When we hear remarks from patients about the quality of care they receive at St. John Medical Center, it makes it easy for us to enjoy being here,” said Roberts.

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