Ride Service Complaint Reported by Westlake Police

Ride Service Complaint Reported by Westlake Police

A Cleveland woman reported a series of inappropriate touchings by the driver of a cellphone ride service she hired on April 22, report Westlake Police.Westlake Police logo

She was to be driven from her home to a Center Ridge Road. location. The driver arrived late in a vehicle that had a back seat full of items, requiring the victim to sit in the front.

The male allegedly touched her arm, leg, and breast during the ride and appeared not to be concentrating on the audible directions from his GPS unit, report Police. When she was dropped off, she got the vehicle’s license plate and complained to the company; she was told to report the incident to the police.

When contacted, the company demanded a subpoena before releasing any info about the driver except his first name. He has supposedly been suspended from accepting any more fares.  The investigation continues.

Autograph Seekers Fight

Lorain County imbibers got into a fistfight on April 25 at 2:32AM on Center Ridge Rd. All 3 (24-year-old Elyria man, 30-year-old North Ridgeville man, and a 47-year-old Elyria woman) were arrested for DCI. They had been scrapping about (choose one) whether one of the males autographed an uninvolved woman’s bosom or if some uninvolved male had signed the Elyria woman’s décolletage at a nearby watering hole.

Close Your Garage Door

A Holdens Arbor Run woman confronted a white male who walked into her garage on April 24 at 10:53AM. The suspect was taken aback, asked if an unfamiliar family lived there, and then left in a red vehicle similar to a crossover. He is described as about 40 years old, shoulder length white hair wearing a beige zippered sweat shirt and khaki pants.

Suspect Recognized & Stopped

A passing patrolman noted a 39-year-old Westlake man known to him driving on Detroit Rd. at 3:34PM on April 22: this driver’s license is suspended and he had 3 WPD warrants. .He refused to exit the pickup he was driving and had to be physically removed. A knife was found in the glove box and he made threatening remarks to the officers. He faces DUS, Carrying Various Weapons, Failing to Comply with a Police Order, and Menacing charges.

Drunk Patient

An intox 42-year-old Westlake man fell at his Westchester Pkwy. home on April 25 and was transported to St. John Medical Center. He raised all sorts of Cain there at 5:55am and had to be restrained by staff after removing his IV from his arm. He was arrested for DCI.

Drunk & Staggering

A 38-year-old homeless man staggered along Detroit Rd. on April 26 at 4:01PM and was surprised to see an offduty officer directing traffic at a business. The male was found to be under the influence and was arrested for DCI and on an unrelated WPD warrant.

Drunk Panhandler

An intoxicated 43-year-old homeless panhandler annoyed patrons of businesses in the Bradley Detroit Rds. area on April 27 at 6:43PM. He was arrested for DCI and also found to have stolen alcoholic beverages from one of the retailers. The store declined prosecution.

Illegal Aliens

2 self-admitted illegal aliens were turned over to the Border Patrol on April 22 after an evening traffic stop. Their truck had fictitious plates, which led to their apprehension.

Yoga Party

A male and female duo stole 12 pairs of yoga pants from a Main St. store on the afternoon on April 30. They set off the anti-theft alarm as the exited.

Miscellaneous May Day Mayhem

A Hawthorn Ln. woman found that $1600 worth of illicit charges had been made on her credit card account April 16-21. A total of 19 fraudulent purchases were made at several locations.

A 2012 Ford Fusion had the front passenger window broken out while parked at the owner’s workplace on Detroit Rd. Nothing was taken; the damage occurred on the evening of April 24.

Funny money in the form of a $50 bill was passed on April 26 by an unknown person at a First St. business.

2 employees of a Crocker Rd. business had personal property stolen from them on April 28. One had her Rx medicine taken; the other had $135 cash stolen.

A $79.00 planter was stolen from a Center Ridge Rd. store on April 30 at 11:23AM. The suepct drove off eastbound in a gold Ford Explorer Sport Trac with a FL plate; the first characters of the plate are FRG. The suspect is a white male in his late 60’s with short, white, balding hair. He is 6’0″ with a thin build and was wearing a blue jacket.

Income tax refund frauds: April 22 Southbridge Cr. man (US).



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