Drones to be Featured at The Normandy Senior Living Retirement Community

IRISSide_Right1Want to learn more about the latest craze in technology: Drones?

Drones are those unmanned aircraft and helicopter devices that are seen everywhere on TV these days.

A special program on Drones will be presented at The Normandy Senior Living Retirement Community, 22701 Lake Road, Rocky River on May 13 at 7 p.m. It will feature live demonstrations.

Drones (or Unmanned Aircraft Systems)  global market is projected to become a $94 billion industry by 2020. The Northern Ohio Region is aptly poised to capture a large portion of the market. But taking the lead is going to mean closing the gap and finding solutions to the potential market barriers to entry.

The  presentation by Matthew Mishak, Director of the Northern Ohio Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association, will explore the history of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, system elements and applications.

“We will examine the industry challenges of safety, privacy, public misconceptions and regulatory hurdles,” says Mishak.

Considering Northern Ohio’s manufacturing strengths, industry clusters and niche specialties, Northern Ohio must now take the lead and wholly invest in this potential opportunity.

As Director of the Northern Ohio Unmanned Aircraft Systems Association, Mishak promotes the safe and non-intrusive use and industry of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and aerial robotics in Northern Ohio. Mr. Mishak has been interested and involved with unmanned aircraft systems since 2008. His interests range from the robust and developing field of UAS law and policy to the design and manufacturing of UAS from the ground up. He is inspired by the incredible potential of UAS to revive the economy, especially within the “rust-belt” regions of Ohio. He enjoys teaching and helping to build a knowledgeable local community around UAS, one of the most transformative new technologies of our lifetime.

Here is a link to Mishak’s video: https://youtu.be/xtp9P2MM-0Udronewerx_header_1_1413694543__20386

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