Escaped Prisoner Found Hiding in Mom’s Dresser

Fairview Park Police 1387552968

Fairview Park Police ran into a strange case last week as an escaped prisoner from Fairview Hospital was found hiding in a hollowed-out dresser at his mother’s home in Cleveland. The saga began when a prisoner temporarily released on medical furlough fled from Fairview Hospital rather than return to Fairview Park City Jail on June 4. Fairview Police searched the surrounding area and failed to find the escapee. But later in the day, police received information that the male was at his mother’s residence on Worthington Ave in Cleveland. Officers responded and could not initially locate the male in the house, even though it was reported he had just been there. Officers checked a little closer and located the male hiding inside a dresser which had the interior of the drawers cut off and the rear panel removed.

Woops, Wrong Car

Police were called to a condominium complex at 20312 Lorain Road on a report of a male attempting entry to one of the units. Upon arrival, officers located a male dressed in a tee shirt and underwear clutching a brick and a metal register cover. There was damage to a door as well as to a car in the lot, damage having been made with the brick. The male was intoxicated and looked as if he had been in a fight with two black eyes and bruising. He stated he had just been released from a local hospital and was trying to gain entry to his ex-girlfriend’s unit. He had believed the car he damaged was his sister’s, but realized  upon looking at it that it was not hers. He was arrested for Criminal Damage and Disorderly Conduct: Intoxication and was held for court.

Assault on Police Officer

Police received a call of a shoplifter who had fled Giant Eagle at 21593 Lorain Rd. on June 4 and was being chased. A second call yielded information that the ones chasing were customers and they were now 6 blocks away. Officers responded to the area and learned that the male had entered an apartment in the 22300 block of Lorain. Giant Eagle did not want to pursue theft charges, just have the male advised he could not come back to the store. Officers learned the subject was the same person that Fairview Park Police currently had warrants for on Aggravated Menacing and Resisting Arrest charges. They went to the apartment and were let in by management and attempted arresting the 40 yr old male. He fought with officers but was eventually subdued, arrested and returned to the station. Two officers sustained minor injuries during the fracas. The male was held for court on fresh charges of Simple Assault on a Police Officer and Resisting Arrest as well as the original charges on his warrants.

“Senior Assassins”

Police were called to Target at Westgate on a report of juveniles spraying workers customers with squirt guns. Officers detained a 17 yr old female whose friends had fled upon police arrival. She stated that they were playing “senior assassins” with squirt guns in the store. She was turned over to her father after being advised that Target does not tolerate “assassins” in the store.

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