Westlake Police: Lockers Worked Out at Fitness Center

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Since the end of April through May 28, seven members of LA Fitness have had credit cards, cash, or other property stolen from their lockers while they worked out, report Westlake Police. Some of the lockers were locked, while others were not. Another member is a possible suspect.

Not Ready for Marriage

An engaged 25-year-old Olmsted Falls man and his live in 21-year-old intended were both arrested for DV after a 12:21AM May 30 incident at a Sperry Dr. motel. They fought as they drove on I-90 to the motel, sustaining bumps, bruises, and scrapes.

Man Punches Woman

A 22-year-old Avon Lake woman refused the advances of an intoxicated 21-year-old Lorain man on May 30 at 3:33AM. He became enraged and punched her in the nose in her Clemens Rd. hotel room. He was arrested for Assault.

Banned from Restaurant

An intoxicated 41-year-old Westlake woman got nasty with the staff of a Detroit Rd. restaurant at closing time on May 31. She fell as she finally stepped outside. She was arrested for DCI and is banned from going back to the restaurant.

Offshore Account

A Stone Ct. man shares a credit card account with his father, who lives in China. On May 29, it was used repeatedly to run up $3399 in unauthorized purchases. It is unclear where the purchases were made.

Cain vs. Abel

A 22-year-old man fought with his 15-year-old brother on May 30 at 5:23PM, giving the younger a bloody nose. The suspect then ran from their Walter Rd. home, but was arrested a short while later and charged with DV.


A $200 cellphone was taken from a Wickliffe woman’s purse around 6PM while at a First St. business on May 31.

Jewelry worth $21,000 is missing from a Hamlet Ln. woman’s residence. She reported the loss on June 1.She suspects a male who has shown up at her home twice in the preceding two weeks after attending a party she gave.

A Rocky River woman’s driver’s license and debit card were stolen last year in Strongsville. They popped up in Westlake at a Detroit Rd. bank on June 1 when a female suspect using the drive-up tried to pass herself off as the victim and cash a check made out in her name. The teller was suspicious and kept the check, the license, and the card. The suspect drove off with no ill-gotten gains.

A 26-year-old Brooklyn man drew the attention of employees of a Detroit Rd. grocery store on the afternoon of June 2. He loitered around the store with two bags of food and drink, but made no attempt to check out. He then left the store without the merchandise. He was found at a nearby gas station, where he gave false ID info. The truth came out as to his true identity and that he had a warrant from Middleburg Hts PD for shoplifting. He was arrested on that warrant and for MisID.

A student’s $600 cellphone was stolen from her book bag during the June 2 school day from Hilliard Elementary.

A Toro lawn mower and weed whacker were stolen from a home under construction on Merion Ct. on the night of June 2.

3 credit cards were boosted from a Brooklyn woman’s purse while she lunched at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on June 3. An attempt to use one of them at the Crocker Pk. Apple store was declined by the bank; a different card was then successfully used to buy $5000 worth of merchandise. CCTV footage of the purchaser is being obtained.

Jewelry worth $74 was shoplifted from a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store by a 16-year-old Cleveland Hts. girl on the evening of June 3. She was caught by store security and turned over to her mother. In addition to a hearing in Juv. Court, she is banned from all of the store’s locations.

A 20-year-old Westlake woman found out about questionable items on her credit history in May. Someone had used her social security number to apply for credit cards. She reported the matter on June 1.

Counterfeit checks worth $27,000 were drawn on a Water’s Edge Dr. woman’s bank account on June 1-2. The thefts may be related to her email being hacked a month earlier.

Girls Approached

Two Westlake girls (13 and 14) were approached by a male on June 2 at 10:07PM while they walked on Bassett Rd. near I90. He came out of the woods, surprising them and they ran home He is described as mid to late 30’s, 5’8″-5’10” dark hair and dark beard. He wore g a grey t-shirt and jean shorts and may have been carrying something. He did not speak to or touch them. One of the girls thought she saw him two months previously driving an older green Jeep nearby and staring at her.

A Breckenridge Trl. home was hit by an unknown vehicle while the residents were away during the day on June 3. The impact bowed in an inside wall as well as damaging the exterior; the house is structurally safe.

2 shoplifters stole $1200 worth of clothing from a Main St. store on June 5 at 3:37PM. They were last seen running into a nearby parking garage. One of them pushed an employee as she ran past.

A 20-year old King James Pkwy. man sent threatening texts to the 21-year-old live-in mother of his infant son on June 5. When he arrived home around 5:30AM carrying a knife, she called police. He was arrested for DV.

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