The Fountain Cafe & Grille: The Best in AUTHENTIC Middle Eastern Food

For the best in authentic Middle Eastern food, look no further than The Fountain Cafe & Grille in Westlake.

Proudly presenting recipes that have been handed down through generations, proprietor Sam Sallouha welcomes guests to stop by this family owned restaurant – a home to natural, healthy and fresh recipes that have made the Mediterranean diet famous.

“For over 100 years, our family served the people of the old city of Damascus. Our recipes here we took from our grandfather,” says Sallouha. “People were amazed at the way he operated. He would cater at times to 500 or 1000 people. As a little boy, it was amazing to me. It was almost like a festival, actually.”

In honoring his grandfather’s traditions, Sallouha has fashioned The Fountain on genuine Middle Eastern principles beginning with best quality ingredients and authentic preparation and presentation of dishes.

“The lamb we cook, for instance, is very tender. We know how to get the best meat and how to cut it so it is tender. Cutting the best meat correctly is an art,” he said.

The right ingredients are also important. “This is why the Mediterranean diet is healthy. We do it with natural and fresh products based not on saturated fat but with olive oil, garlic, onions and ingredients like those. These ingredients are very good in lowering cholesterol and are at the same time very tasty.”

Diners should also look at the rice bolger – a whole grain product – and cracked wheat in recipes that does not have the empty starch of processed products. Vegetarian dishes also bring loyalty to a diet that keeps diners healthy, slim and leads to longer life.

That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy dessert, however. The Fountain brings traditions like baklava, rice pudding, Harissah and Warbat Qushtah to end your meal happily. And all desserts are made in The Fountain kitchen.

“We are living out the tradition of our grandfather 100 per cent,” says Sallouha. “This is what keeps us going. We are not here to make millions. We are here for guests to experience authentic food and let people taste what it really is.”

“Just like in the old city of Damascus, everybody who comes here says it is perfect” said Sallouha. “This has been a great experience to meet new people. And they are bringing in new people. The word is getting out.”

The Fountain Cafe & Grille is located at 27828 Center Ridge Road. Phone (440) 892-5555.

8-20-15 The Fountain Restaurant

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