Man Dares Police to Shoot at Crocker Park Cinema in Westlake

A 43-year-old Westlake man was reliving his youth during an Aug. 23 evening showing of “Straight Outta Compton” at the Regal theater in Crocker Park, report Westlake Police.

His intoxicated dancing and bellowing impaired other moviegoers from enjoying the film. It got to the point where he was asked to leave. He and his date protested, claiming that he was, in fact, a native of Compton. The claim carried very little weight with the off duty officer working security at the theater.Westlake Police logo

The suspect repeatedly dared the officer to shoot or taser him. The man had to settle for being arrested for DCI instead. That’s show biz!

Unlocked Cars Robbed

A Holly Lane  man had a gold necklace taken out of his unlocked 2000 GMC Yukon on the night of Aug. 24. Another car at the home was rummaged through with nothing taken. Nearby, a 2007 Pontiac G6 was stolen from a Yeoman Dr. residence also on the night of Aug. 24. A key had been left in the glovebox.  A 2006 Pontiac Torrent (keys inside it) was also stolen from a Melibee Dr. home that night.  It was recovered in West Park by Westlake PD detectives on Aug. 26.

Car With Keys Stolen

A 2004 Lexus SUV was stolen from a Coe’s Post Run home on the night of Aug. 21. The keys were left in it. The owner’s daughter-in-law left her purse in it and started getting texts about unusual activity on her credit card account, then noticed the vehicle was gone. Cleveland PD recovered it on the East Side and arrested a 20-year-old male on Aug. 24.

Prowlers Reported

A Detroit Rd. night owl and her protective pooch spotted a group of prowlers in garages where they had no business on Aug. 26 at 1:51 AM. Fearless Fido’s barking caused the suspects to break off their thefts; they were stopped nearby.  An 18-year-old North Olmsted woman, 18-year-old Cleveland man, 18-year-old Westlake woman, and two 17-year-old Cleveland boys will face B&E (or Complicity to B&E) Possession of Criminal Tools, Possession of Marijuana, and for the adults Contributing to the Delinquency of Minors. They had gone through a number of cars; a stolen pair of binoculars was returned to the rightful owner. Unrecovered items include small amounts of cash, an e-cigarette.

Mail Theft

A North Windsor Ct. man’s $400 check intended for a PA woman was intercepted in the mail and cashed on Aug. 17 by person(s) unknown.

Car Troubles

A 2015 Ford Escape rented by a Dover Center Rd. man was scratched on both sides while parked in his driveway. He found it that way on the afternoon of Aug. 22.

A Brockway Dr. man found that a male had tried to get into his locked 2003 Toyota while it was parked in his driveway. His CCTV captured the prowler skulking around at 2:25AM on Aug. 22. Nothing was taken or damaged.

A Center Ridge Rd. business had a 2000 Ford F250 pickup stolen on the night of Aug. 23. An unsuccessful attempt was made to steal a 2015 Ford E350 van at the same location. The stolen truck was recovered on the West Side by Cleveland PD unoccupied.

A Meadow Ln. man’s IPod and GPS were taken from his unlocked 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe on the night of Aug. 25. Total loss is $370.00. Two unlocked cars in a neighbor’s driveway were also gone through, with a baggie of change taken from one.


Two suspects stole $60 worth of items from Detroit Rd. store on Aug. 25 at 12:33PM. They were stopped nearby and arrested.  The male driver (43 of Eaton Township) was charged with DUS, Complicity to Theft, and Possession of Drug paraphernalia (marijuana grinder). The 36-year-old Lyndhurst woman passenger, an admitted junkie, was charged with Theft and Drug Abuse Instruments (she had 15 hypos in her purse).

Quick Change Artist

A 26-year-old Cleveland decided to change his clothes in the parking lot of a Detroit Rd. gas station on Aug. 25 at 10:12PM, discomfiting a female patron. Officers found that he had driven there in a car stolen from Cleveland. He was arrested for RSP.

Stock Fraud Foiled

Somebody in TX repeatedly tried to withdraw money from a Northglen Dr. woman’s stock trading account in July and August. The transactions did not go through, despite the victim’s having fallen prey to a phishing email; this in turn allowed the suspect(s) to access her account. She reported the matter on Aug. 26.

Wallet Lifted at Lunch Spot

A Sheffield Lake woman’s wallet was lifted while she lunched at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on Aug. 26. Her credit cards were used repeatedly in the Westshore and in PA for cash advances and purchases. CCTV footage of the fraudulent transactions is being sought.

Expired Plate Leads to Arrest

An expired plate led to the arrest of a 28-year-old Cleveland man for Violating a TPO on Aug. 26. The plates had expired on Aug. 23. The bigger problem was that he was with a 27-year-old Cleveland woman and her two small children, all of whom he cannot be around. He pled out by CCTV in RRMC on Aug. 27 and was given 60 days in the County jail, where the Sheriff will no doubt serve the unrelated Felonious Assault warrant that was just issued on Aug. 26.

No Where to Go   

A 49-year-old homeless man won’t stop going back to his former Detroit Rd. apartment home, despite repeated police and management warnings. He was arrested for Trespass there on Aug. 27.


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