Is Your Financial Advisor Losing Your Retirement Money?

Lost Confidence in Your Advisor? Ready to Move Your Account?

12-10-15 HCM AdHarloff Capital Management has original “hands on” investment strategies developed over many years by Dr. Harloff owner, portfolio manager, and trained rocket scientist. Serving clients since 1994.

Call for a FREE second opinion meeting in our office. There receive our valuable report: “The 14-minute Plan: How-to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement!” absolutely FREE.

We custody client accounts at national custodians in client’s name. Also, can establish (and transfer) no-commission variable annuity accounts with a national insurance company. We help with transfer paperwork and manage portfolios from $300,000 up.

Benefit from advanced fee-only portfolio management that adapts with market conditions. Rocket Science Helps! Move your account!

Past performance does not insure future performance. Can lose money in the stock market.


If you have investable assets of $300,000 or more, call for a FREE second opinion in-office appointment. There receive our valuable guide: “The 14-Minute Plan: How to Avoid Running Out of Money in Retirement” absolutely FREE with no obligation. A must read, it discusses effects on retirement due to: longevity, annuity limitations, inflation, withdrawal rate, and asset allocation. Call for your FREE appointment TODAY!
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