Law You Can Use: What if Someone Hits My Car?

JoeBurkeLogo_presented3Q: If I am involved in a car accident, what should I do?

A: Always make a police report. Whether you are at fault or not, insurance companies may not cover any property damage without an accident or police report. If not at fault, contact an attorney immediately. The insurance companies have adjusters working on the case, obtaining statements and collecting evidence immediately. You must do the same. The best way is to hire an experienced trial attorney.

Q: If I am not at fault, who should pay my medical bills: my insurance company, my medical insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company?

A: This becomes complicated. My best answer is that to ensure that your medical bills are paid promptly, submit them to your medical insurer. You may have to pay them back when you obtain a recovery (called subrogation); however, you will get the benefit of contractual adjustments and this is generally quicker than going through your auto insurance carrier (called med pay) or through the other driver’s carrier.

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