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POLICE_Avon_RGBStaying Safe This Holiday Season

The Avon Police Department is reminding residents to secure their vehicles and homes at night. These tips are simple and can mean the difference between feeling safe or sorry this holiday season and at all times of the year.

Several area communities have had an increase in stolen vehicles and night time residential burglaries recently. Avon has also seen cars broken into in the evening. Please take a minute to review these guidelines to secure your property:

  1. Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Lock your doors.
  1. Keep your car tidy. When a thief looks into your car and sees clutter, he or she may presume there must be something good among the mess.
  1. Park wisely. Parking conspicuously can go a long way, as thieves are looking to avoid attention. In parking lots, try sticking to heavy traffic areas where lots of eyes will be passing by your car. If you’ve got a garage, park inside for an added layer of protection.
  1. Remove valuables. Items of value are exactly what thieves are looking for, so keeping them out of sight or, better yet, out of your car is a great way to avoid losing them. GPS units, phones, sunglasses and shopping bags can be prime targets.
  1. Use an alarm system. Some call car alarms ineffective, as we’re so used to hearing them that we don’t pay attention. Most car burglars won’t take the chance that an alarm will go ignored. Even if no one notices the alarm, your possessions will be safe if it scares the thief away.
  1. Remove Garage Remote. If you park your car in your driveway at night and leave a remote control to the garage door in the vehicle you are providing a burglar an easy way into your home.
  1. Close your garage door at night. Leaving your garage door open allows burglars direct access to your home.
  1. Do not leave keys in vehicle. Leaving your keys in your vehicle greatly increases the likelihood of theft. This includes starting your car to warm it up in the morning as winter approaches.

POLICE_North Ridgeville_RGBKangaroo Call Tops Police News of the Week

North Ridgeville Police get animal calls. A lot of animal calls. Usually dogs. Every now and then a horse. They had a potbellied pig rooting through a flower bed once.

At 5 a.m. on Nov 27, a motorist was driving down the road and a kangaroo (yes, a kangaroo) was doing whatever kangaroos do in the middle of Lorain Rd. near Stonebriar.

Police learn a lot of things at the academy. But responding to a call like this isn’t one of them.

Sgt. Corey Sabo, Ptlm. John Metzo, and Ptlm. Brad Parker all responded and were able to get the kangaroo, named “Foster” (Get it?? Awesome), back to his pen on Island Road, though it appears that he wanted to box Ptlm. Metzo before going back in the second picture. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and Foster called it a night before it came to blows.

And yes, with the proper permits, you can have a kangaroo in the city.

POLICE_Westlake_RGBAnd It Isn’t Even New Year’s Yet

Some people like to watch the parades or the turkey bowling competition on TV on Thanksgiving morning. Westlake Police report a Westwood Road household got to see an intoxicated 20-year-old Westlake man get arrested for DCI in their front yard at 7:28AM. He had passed out there. He also had Rx pills, some reefer and drug paraphernalia, and an open bottle of vodka. Underage Possession of Alcohol, Drug Possession, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia are what the suspect can be thankful for.


A 37-year-old Fairview Park man pointed a loaded 9mm handgun at a 34-year-old Cleveland man on Nov. 22 at 7:35PM. The two were at the Hedgewood Ave. home of the younger man’s former girlfriend. The older man was arrested for Fel. Assault and is a friend of a friend of the younger man’s former girlfriend.

Christmas Colors Adorn Drug Paraphernalia Bust

113578-1Red and green are the Christmas colors that adorned a cornucopia of substance abuse in Westlake on Nov. 25 at 2:58 a.m. when police stopped a 23-year old Rustic Lane in his driveway for erratic driving, report Westlake Police. Officers found a bottle of Wild Irish Rose, a pot pipe, and 86 empty nitrous oxide containers (colloquially known as “whippets”). He gave a breath sample of .099 after being arrested for OVI, Drug Paraphernalia, Open Container, and Abusing Harmful Intoxicants.

Grand Theft at Pat O’Brien

All 4 tires and rims (worth $22,000 total) were stolen off of 4 2015 Chevrolet Tahoes at Pat O’Brien Chevrolet on the night of Nov. 23.

Man Threatens Hospital Staff

An intoxicated 46-year-old Bay Village man threatened staff and generally raised Cain at St. John Medical Center on Nov. 22 at 4:21PM. He was stopped nearby in a car driven by his 68-year-old mother, whom he shook as officers were checking his ID. He was forcibly removed from her car and arrested for DCI. He chest-bumped an officer in the jail, where he spent the night on further charges of Obstructing Official Business and Failure to Wear a Seatbelt.

Panicked Driver Goes Airborne

While Fairview Park Police were canvassing the W 196/S Sagamore neighborhood for a suspicious vehicle on Nov. 27, one officer observed a vehicle e/b on Lorain near W 196 operation at a high rate of speed. The vehicle quickly turned into a drive, going nearly airborne while doing so in an apparent attempt to evade the officer. He followed and the vehicle stopped, the driver bailing out and taking off. One of the passengers was a juvenile out past curfew. Another gave false ID and was intoxicated, found to be the car’s owner. The other two passengers were also adults and were found to have done no wrongdoing. The juvenile male was returned to the station for curfew violation and the intoxicated male was arrested for DCI, Falsification and Obstructing Official Business.

‘Reverse Shopping’ Tops Seasonal Crime

Some shoppers don’t think they have to pay for things. Reverse shopping is in style again this holiday season with the Advent Police Blotter:

– The season started with a bang on Thanksgiving morning when someone gifted themselves with a 1999 Ford dump truck stolen from a Canterbury Rd. business, report Westlake Police. It was driven a few doors away and abandoned. A trailer it was towing was also stolen and recovered in Maple Hts. on Nov. 30. Apprx. $28,000 worth of landscaping equipment was missing from it.

– On the next day of the Christmas season, juveniles went on a theft from auto spree. The date was Nov. 29 at 4:36AM. They were caught in the act of going through unlocked cars parked at a Creekside Dr. home by a resident. They fled the scene and were stopped on Dover Center Rd. by North Olmsted PD. 8 reports of vehicles being gone through were taken on Creekside Dr. and Fall River Dr. A 16-year-old North Olmsted boy and girl, and 13 and 16-year-old Berea boys face Trespass and Petty Theft charges in Juv. Ct. These miscreants were not so generous with themselves. Items taken were mostly change and a garage door opener. No lumps of coal, however.

– Self-serve was the name of the game when 4 tires worth $3000 were taken from a Clemens Rd. business sometime Nov. 25-29. They had been left out for a customer to pick up. Another customer’s 2001 Audi had the rear passenger side window broken and 3 wheels stolen off of it.

– The front door was kicked in at a Guilford Ct. home on the evening of Nov. 28. The alarm system apparently scared the burglar off. It is unclear if anything was taken, as the homeowner was out of town. Nearby on Shadow Creek Dr. at 6:37PM, another home was found forcibly entered in the same manner. A computer, cash, and jewelry were taken.

– A 37-year-old Cleveland Hts. woman was stopped by staff from a Detroit Rd. store on Dec. 3 at 3:04PM after she stole a $19.00 bracelet. She also had Rx pills on her and is on probation from RRMC. She faces Petty Theft, Poss. of Drugs, and a probation violation charge.

Pie Man Tossed from Detroit Road Bakery

On Nov. 24 at 6:48, said Simple Simon to the Pie Man: “how fresh are your wares?” A customer felt that he was rudely treated by a Detroit Rd. bakery staff member after inquiring about the age of the pies on sale, report Westlake Police. The customer then came back twice more to discuss the matter further, with the business being closed the last time. He was sent on his way and advised that his patronage was no longer welcome.

Man Allegedly Moons Staff and Customers

Female staff and customers complained about a 40-year-old Berea man (convicted sex offender) repeatedly exposing his buttocks inside a Center Ridge Rd. store on the evening of Nov. 24. He claimed that due to impending lower backside surgery he was adjusting his pants. He was arrested on an outstanding Strongsville PD warrant; the City Prosecutor will review a possible Public Indecency charge.

Sandwiched in at McDonald’s

Fairview Police were called to McDonalds at 22535 Lorain Rd on a report by employees that a female driver in the drive thru lane appeared intoxicated. Officers located the car in the lot and blocked it in. The female operator had several indicators of alcoholic impairment while talking to her. She was asked to exit her vehicle for sobriety tests and failed those tests. She was placed under arrest, returned to the station and was given a breath test, result of .134 BAC. She was subsequently released on bond to a sober adult pending her appearance in court for OVI and BAC.

Car Fire

A 9-1-1 call was received of a car on fire on I 480 e/b on Nov. 25. Police and fire units responded, finding the car fully engulfed in flames. The fire department put out the fire but the car was a total burn out. The occupants had pulled over because the car was overheating and were able to safely exit before the inferno started.

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