Westlake Police Christmas Blotter: Scrooge News

Even though it was Christmas Eve, some folks don’t share in the Christmas spirit. Among the Scrooge News items from Westlake Police:

-A Westlake woman’s wallet was lifted while she dined at a Main St. restaurant on the afternoon of Dec. 18. Her credit card was used to make a $1200 purchase at a store nearby and for cash withdrawals from 3 banks (total $5400).

-2 unlocked vehicles were rummaged through at a Sherwood Dr. address on the night of Dec. 18. Nothing was taken.POLICE_Westlake_RGB

-A $500 mixer was stolen from a Detroit Rd. store on the afternoon of Dec. 19. The getaway Jeep’s license plate was obtained and a Petty Theft warrant issued for the 59-year-old Cleveland woman who owns it. The suspect suffered a crisis of conscience and returned the mixer to the store a few days later. She was advised that there are no do-overs and prosecution was going forward.

-Patrolling officers noticed a known shoplifter outside a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store on the afternoon of Dec. 20. When they tried to intercept him, he ran off. The 26-year-old Parma man was prevented from escaping by a Canton man who blocked his path; that did not stop the suspect from tussling with the arresting officers. He was found to have stolen a sweater that day, plus he had the sunglasses he had stolen back on Dec. 5. He also had pliers that he used to cut security sensors off merchandise. He faces RSP, Poss. of Criminal Tools, Obstructing Official Business, and Petty Theft charges, as well as a probation violation. In his effects, officers found a list of names, presumably for his Christmas shopping/stealing reference.

-A 77-year-old Westlake woman found $1300 in bogus charges were made on 2 of her credit cards. One had $1300 worth rung up; she had no particulars on the second. She reported the thefts on Dec. 21.

-Both license plates for a King James Pkwy. woman’s car were stolen off it on the night of Dec. 20. She suspects a family member who is a drug addict.

-An 85-year-old Horseshoe Blvd. man and his 45-year-old Bay Village daughter got into it over vulgar language and who was sitting in whose chair on Dec. 21 at 3:15PM. They pushed each other, a plate was broken, and blows were struck. The male was arrested for DV.

-Service Dept. workers cleaning up the city’s Bradley Rd. Nature Park found a bottle bomb (made out of a 17oz. plastic water bottle) at 8:51AM on Dec. 22. The WEB Hazardous Devices Unit was called up and rendered it safe. It had been left in the parking lot.

-Some unknown suspect charged up apprx. $12,000 on a Brick Mill Run woman’s credit card between Nov. 14 and Dec. 1. She reported the thefts on Dec. 22 when she received her statement. She is not responsible for these charges.

-A North Olmsted woman’s 2015 Ford Eclipse was entered at the YMCA on the afternoon of Dec. 22. Her purse was taken after the front passenger window was broken. She cancelled her credit cards before they could be misused. The purse (minus credit cards) was found the next day on Center Ridge Rd. and returned to the owner.

-3 parcels worth a total of $89 were stolen off the porch of a Smith Rd. home on Dec. 20.

-An Avon Lake woman received dirty looks from another female as she pulled into an apparently contested parking space outside a Detroit Rd. store on the afternoon of Dec. 23. When she returned to her 2008 Mercury Mariner, she found fingerprints and a white line drawn on the passenger front fender.

-A 48-year-old patient at a Westchester Pkwy. rehab center was caught smoking crack by a staffer on Dec. 23 at 8:38PM. She stabbed the 60-year-old RN in the hand (minor injury) with the crack pipe, which other employees took away from her while she tried to bite them. After making suicide threats, she was involuntarily committed. Charges of Drug Possession, Drug Paraphernalia, and Assault will be pursued after she is released from mental health care. Earlier that day, the same suspect reported that unknown person(s) stole her lotion and contact lenses from her room.


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